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How useful is Cosmoenergy?

General information about Cosmoenergetics says a lot about it, but does not reveal the whole essence. Everyone has questions, and they all relate to some aspects of it. This article is a kind of guide to it, and will help you find out the main advantages of using it in life.


Chakras and Cosmoenergy

What are chakras?
Humans are connected with the universe through portals. These are channels for the exchange of energy, which is aimed at health, life and destiny. In some cases, their work has been stopped or hindered. Cosmoenergy allows you to restore the normal functioning of the chakras. They are responsible for well-being and quality of life, defining its main aspects:

Whole body health
Psycho-emotional aspects
life philosophy
Programming for success
Harmony with yourself and with the world


Aura and Cosmoenergy

The protective biofield of each person warns him against negative influence from outside. High density and strong level of protection helps to cope with various adversities. It’s like a huge ball covering from all sides and from which all kinds of negativity bounce. The main characteristics of a strong aura are purity, large diameter and density.

In addition to protection, there is also a function of influencing people. Thus, the aggression of the opponent, who is near the biofield, can be reduced. Rejections, disagreements and disputes can be considered in your favor if the aura is strong. It is also a good defense and a kind of higher immunity, which warns the body against diseases.

Fight against witchcraft

Streams of negative energy can destroy a person. They interfere with a productive life and development, and in some cases destroy health and all aspects of well-being. According to the method of influence, the following types of negative flows are distinguished—the evil eye, love spell, damage, curse, the crown of celibacy, etc. Opponents, enemies, ill-wishers turn to the power of witchcraft. They want harm to you, and only Cosmoenergy can help with this. It is an opportunity to destroy negativity and annul its influence. A clean and strong aura comes to the rescue, which is “inflated” and has a high density.


Entity destruction

Energy substances with a mind can spoil the psycho-emotional state of a person. They are self-governing and very dangerous. The presence of a certain mind allows you to control a person, motivate him to do wrong, mislead, generate evil and generate chaos.

Falling into depression, despondency, despair, and fear reduce the quality of life. Often people turn to exorcism to drive out demons, devils and demons, but Cosmoenergy can also help with this. She not only gets rid of the entities, but also sets up energetic barriers so that they can no longer return.



Healing is the process of overcoming disease. Illness is nothing but the physical wear and tear of a person. Like any other complex mechanism, it requires timely maintenance and repair. Throughout life, the vibrational frequencies of the body are upset, which causes dissonance. Cosmoenergy restores all vital processes at the level of energy and cells. It sets the desired rhythm of cells and allows you to enter into resonance with the universe and nature.



Cosmoenergy is not a substitute for modern medicine. It helps speed up the healing process at times. Only in individual cases can you do without drugs and doctors. They often work effectively when used together.


Recovery of emotions and psyche

The expression that all diseases are from the nerves is true. Psycho-emotional state determines the health of the nervous system and the body as a whole. The balance of the nervous system is the ability to withstand nervous breakdowns, depression, psychosis and stress. A person acquires the ability to adequately respond to stress and correctly perceive the environment. This will help to find high-quality solutions from any situation and eliminate the state of panic and hysteria.

How to improve your destiny and life?

Cosmoenergy will help with this as well. Despite the fact that fate is a kind of program, it can be rewritten. The unwillingness to change is the only barrier. Everything bad is perceived as karma that needs to be endured. You don’t have to endure every bad thing that happens in life. You can clean it up and change your life for the better. It’s all real thanks to Cosmoenergy.


The task is realized by appealing to the Higher Reason. The request concerns the cleansing of karma, and the decision to what extent it is realistic to do this comes from above. Purification is implemented in varying degrees. So there will be time for something else, and fate and its program will undergo changes to a certain extent.


Troubleshooting in your personal life

Often people face adversity on the personal front. A series of divorces, quarrels, the search for a suitable couple and the next crashes can end. It is not necessary to doom yourself to loneliness and suffer all your life. Love spells are not able to solve the problem and often exacerbate it. There is a solution – Cosmoenergy will help to establish family life, bring happiness, harmony and love to your home.

The process is carried out by restoring the work of the fourth and second chakras, cleansing the aura and getting rid of negativity. The person and everything that surrounds him is transformed. As a result, on the way you meet useful people, the right connections, and everything changes for the better.

A person gets what he attracts.


Career success

Success in work and a decent income can be for everyone. The solutions mentioned above change lives for the better:

Strong aura
active chakras
Destruction of negativity and entities
Family well-being
Harmony with the world
Psycho-emotional stability
Good health

Change of fate

This will be enough to work productively. Thanks to all of the above factors, everything can be achieved, especially if you work on your own. To do this, you need to be purposeful, gain skills, learn and develop. Cosmoenergy is an auxiliary factor, everything else needs to be done by ourselves. To grow and develop, you need to work on yourself constantly.


Development and personal growth

They are determined by the results of their own accomplishments, done deeds and the result. A person’s self-esteem is able to grow simultaneously with his achievements and accomplishments. The higher it is, the less public opinion matters. Self-love and knowing your own value will help you to be where you want to be, and to be who you want to see yourself. You can never stop, you need to develop and grow constantly. This way you can achieve success and self-realization. If you complete all 15 sessions of Cosmoenergy, you will be able to achieve all the points described.


Compatibility of Cosmoenergy and other practices

You can practice it in conjunction with other healing and spiritual practices, excluding destructive forces. Productive and high-quality interaction with medicine allows you to achieve results. Doctors often become cosmoenergy in order to effectively destroy the disease and achieve results. Medicine is not omnipotent, and sometimes help is needed.

The above advantages of Cosmoenergy are only a small part of them. In fact, its capabilities are wider and more powerful. Attending sessions of Cosmoenergy will help change life, improve its quality and improve all aspects.


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