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Sundari Magic

Provides safe and effective attunements, healing sessions, items intending to support your healing, development and spiritual growth.

Sundari Magic is spiritual esoteric shop. Founded by spiritualist Radha Sundari, our mission is to enrich the life of every person we come in contact with by providing excellence in Distant Attunements and remedial rituals.

 Radha’s conviction is that “spirituality is an important instrument for social change,” and her untiring efforts have created diverse solutions in the form of distant attunements and remedy services.

Remedial Services and Distant Attunements that focus on improving key areas of life such as health, finances, relationship, education, etc. to fulfill your needs and bring more positivity into your life.

For spiritual disclosure and growth, you can use, for the good, the information available on the site, materials, self-attunements, sessions, initiations (attunements/empowerments). With the help of high-frequency energy tools, you can raise the level of Awareness, reveal and develop your potential, personal strength, abilities, fill all areas of your life with


The site will be useful to everyone WHO LOOKS FOR THEMSELVES THEIR PURPOSE, who follows the path of their spiritual growth, and wishes with all their heart to reveal their endless possibilities, their mission, all their potential, all their resources!

If you are ready to change your life for the better, ready to practice and get positive results, I will be glad to share my experience and knowledge with you, ready to help you, to rise on the path to a new and happy life, creating your Reality through Realization, in co-creation with the Energies of the Universe, For the Good and for the joy of everyone!