“Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.” ― Nora Roberts


Welcome, my spiritual name is Radha Sundari!





 I am Reiki Grand Master, Teacher, Seichim Master, Mahakali/Kali Naga Seichim Master,  Kundalini/Mahakali Reiki Master, Kali Naga Shamanic Master, Alternative and Tantric healer and much more. I have spent my whole life training in shamanism, yoga, tantra, magic, metaphysics and learning from different spirits. I offer a wide diversity of spiritual empowerments which bestow various powers such as magical protection, healing, attracting love and wealth or gaining psychic or spiritual powers.



In Reiki terminology, ’empowerment’ and ‘attunement’ used to mean the same thing : Attunement – from the analogy of ‘tuning in’ a radio. In the Reiki sense, tuning the student in to the Universal Lifeforce Energy – or rather to specific frequencies within that all-pervasive Energy: the ‘frequencies’ otherwise referred to as the ‘Reiki Energy’Empowerment – coming from an Japanese esoteric Buddhist concept: kanjo – a rite in which an individual receives a ‘spiritual permission’ ie, is spiritually/esoterically empowered to work with a particular practice, or manifest a particular ability – in this case the Reiki ability (some folk still refer to the initiation symbol (DKM) as the ’empowerment’ symbol) So, ’empowerment’ and ‘attunement’ were just different ways of looking at the process of ‘getting’ the Reiki Phenomenon (Other folk sometimes spoke of the process in terms of bringing the individual into ‘alignment’ with the Reiki capability. Yet others talked in terms of ‘re-patterning’ the individual’s field – as if re-programming some form of ‘psychic-energy computer’ to enable it to interact with the subtle energy-phenomenon that is Reiki….Or with another type of energy)



The Chi Ball is one of the most simple and effective ways of sending healing energy and attunements. It is your energy that forms the Chi Ball. You control the energy that goes directly into the Chi Ball. Your intent creates the color, the size; and everything that goes into it. You send it with your breath and energy.  Once the Chi Ball is created, you disconnect from the Chi Ball and it stands on its own completely energized and ready to be sent.

Universal Energy or “Chi” as it is known in many cultures, is the life force that animates all life and permeates everything around us. Chinese practitioners have been working with chi energy for more than 3,000 years in martial arts, in the body, mind and soul healing.

Anyone who is good at working with energy can easily create an ‘Energy Ball’ or ‘Chi Ball’ – a consciously created ball of contained Universal Energy. A Chi ball is one of the simplest and effective ways to use Chi, because you just will or give intent to the energy that forms the Chi Ball, and that intent creates the power to change or influence. You control the energy that goes into the Chi Ball, and everything that goes into it – colour, size, intent, images. Once it is created, you can disconnect and it can stand alone ready to be sent to where you desire, be it, your own body, distant healing of another, to other people to solve issues, to make your mood better, protection, or more.



To pick up an empowerment or attunement sent from me, Ground and Protect yourself by shielding with a ball of White Light or whatever works for you calling in your healing guides, depending on your tradition, Go into a meditative state, then call in the Chi Ball by intent:

“I now call in the Chi Ball which carried the_________ (healing energy/empowerment) from _______.  I accept this Chi Ball now with love, light, peace and gratitude. Ore simply Lie or sit down, Speak mentally or allowed the following statement: I (your name), am willing to be attuned, to the energy (name)!  From (name of teacher)!  Now!  So be it!”

Visualize the ball opening and entering your Crown Chakra. The energy will pour out of the Chi Ball and begin to attune (initiate) and bring energy of healing to you. After the attunement/healing session, thank your guides for their help. Pass the energy onto others. This is the key to the power of healing and sending energy: giving and receiving and sharing with intent.