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Magic Touch Empowerment: Make your touch UNFORGETTABLE, Cleans and strengthens your aura, Improves Your Gift of Healing with Hands and Much More!


Chakra Tantra Reiki: How to give and in person Chakra Tantra Reiki massage, Energy Healing & Guided Meditation Massage on back spine and Much More!


Aphrodite Shining Star: Goddess of Love Beauty and Sexual Rapture and Sexual Attraction! Get Your SEXY On!!!


The Magician: Tarot, Transform situations, Be More Aware, Create What You Wish For, Will Power and More!


Magic Reiki 1, 2: Powerful energies for your sacred space, neutralizes negative programs created by others and negative energetic impulse and More!


Reiki Kundallini Tu Mo: Connect to Reiki Kundalini and Tummo, Cleans your physical and etherical bodies from all blockages, negative energy, and physical/emotional/spiritual diseases!


Metatron Archangelic Link: Create a closer link to Metatron, chief of minstering angels!


Kubera the Lord of Richness, Wealth and Prosperity Empowerment: Draw New Avenues of Income with Kubera Mantra, Puja & Energies!


Diagnostics of the negative (damage / evil eye)


Vitamin and Mineral Assimilation Healing: Connects you to the ethereal realm of vitamins and minerals, your higher self and Spirit


Psychic Reading Guidance, 5 Yes or No question answered


Psychic Reading Guidance, Yes or No question answered


Ask any 1 question, Psychic Reading One Question Reading


Anti-depression Reiki: Energetically release any negative vibrational causes of depression


Shiva Lingam Essence: Pure Potentiality, intensify your vibrations and much more!


Healing, Сleansing or some Other kind of session


Witch Cup


Full Moon Blue Quartz Pyramid


Obsidian Moon Pyramid


Full Moon Rose Quartz Pyramid


Om Healing Pendant


Citrine Happiness Pyramid


Scaring away evil spirits Pyramid


Tree Of Life Wealth Pyramid