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Beam of sound healing (Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment)

The  Beam of sound healing activates the Pineal Gland. Before starting the activation, open the portal, invite Kuthumi and express your intention.

During activation, place a glass of water next to it, it will be charged with Kuthumi’s energy, feel the extraordinary taste of water!



“Greetings to you, my students! Glad to see you in a new perky state and a desire to learn the New Teaching in the New Time!

Times change and the information that comes to you will not always seem logical and feasible, be open and broad.

To know the Beam of Sound Healing, I will need to activate a sleeping point in your brain.

Relax, I stand behind your back, my palms in front of your eyes and forehead. You should feel the Ray that penetrates to you through the third eye and penetrates your skull and passes through the brain. This is an even beam that pierces you and responds with a little pain, goes just like a needle. It’s kind of a channel. It is now hollow. Now I will start filling it with information.

Palms on the forehead and on the back of the head, right at the beginning and end of the canal.
Sound Energy went !!!

High-frequency cacophony flows into the channel from both sides. These sounds are not yet familiar to you, it is difficult for you to catch them, but this is just the beginning. So, the software for the Beam of Sound Healing is laid down.

What next, you ask?

Now you need to activate this program with a point responsible for processing information. It’s like connecting to a network. I take the sacred keys and activation codes.

“I am Kuthumi, the Master of Light and Love, and I activate the Beam of Sound Healing to ______ (your name). Truly so! “

Imagine a pillar of light above your head, an all-pervading light enveloping you and permeating you! The work is done.

Now, when you activate the Beam, you will be able to feel the field of a person by the sounds that come from him, you will hear and feel, and in order to correct his field, to balance, you will need to mentally send that note, a sound that will bring his field into balance, like a counter current, so you can dampen the wave. You don’t have to strain to look for this sound, it will come by itself. Your software has all the answer choices.

Work: this is the activation of the Beam, attunement to the field of the person with whom you are working, try to work first contact, eye to eye.

Invite me through intention, so that I am in your field and the field of the patient. Listen to the sound of its field and where there is dissonance, invite the Beam of Sound Healing to direct the appropriate tone for balancing.

The power of the Beam is activated in the chakra of the Third Eye, work will go through this chakra. Always accompany the session with the field of Divine Love and the Ray will sound!


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