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Angel Wings (Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment)

The effect of such a technique can be very strong, up to the fact that significant changes begin to occur at the external level.

People around you will begin to treat you differently, you will become attractive to other people and even animals.

Do not be surprised if they begin to turn to you for help, as well as to the angels.

It is simply impossible to tell everything, because this is a real adventure. Let it happen and enjoy this game.


Self-Attunement description:

Concentrate on your Divine essence. Feel the beauty, Strength, Power, and love of the Divine Self, the Lord of your heart. Do this for as long as necessary in order to be filled to the fullest with divine energy.

Feel that you and your Divine Self are one. You are one, inseparable. You are this Divinity. Forget about your human incarnation for this time. Do not divide into human and divine, now all this has become one.

Imagine powerful snow-white, glowing wings behind your back. Activate all your imagination, try to physically feel them behind your back. The wings are so huge that they can fully unfold, cover your entire body like a blanket. Enjoy them. Know that these wings are your protection from any negative energy of a subtle level: negative thoughts of other people, thought forms, low-level entities, etc., unwanted energies. These wings are always with you, and when danger or unwanted impact arises, they open themselves and shelter you from all the forces of Evil. Feel the power and energy of the wings. Feel their white and gold light.

Wings can also heal your inner world by transforming your own fears, guilt, sadness, hate—whatever negative things you experience. The embrace of the wings envelops you and your bodies (physical, emotional, mental), your aura is permeated with their white transforming light.

Allow this power and divine light to transform all Darkness into Light. Just allow and watch. No stress.

Angel Wings can heal.

Let them cover your body for physical healing.

You can express your intention to heal a specific sore spot, but it is better if you just let them heal, since everything is interconnected, and you just need to establish the correct flow of energy, restore disturbed flows, heal wounds and burns.

Angel Wings can be called to activate your chakras, to harmonize them. Create intention and invoke the wings, unfold them, feel them, let everything happen, watch the process.

Angel Wings can slow down the aging process and rejuvenate. Form an intention and invoke the wings, their light, and power.

Angel wings can also help a loved one. For example, you can cover your child or another person close to you, the person you want to help with them.
Angel Wings help improve relationships. When communicating, you can surround yourself and your interlocutor with them. Or just let them be, they increase your energy, power, charisma. Angel wings always energize, increase vitality. Call them if you need Strength, energy.

Work the wings for at least 30 minutes daily for 21-90 days.

You yourself will feel when the wings will be completely merged with you, and will now act on their own, reacting to any negative changes, and opening spontaneously even without your conscious intention, in order to protect, heal—support your energy in a light, positive vibration or even increase it …
After meditation, do not fold your wings, let them be always with you, even when you are not thinking about them, going about your daily activities.

At first, remember them during the day.

When the wings are always with you, do self-attunement once a month, then once a quarter, feeling merging with the Divine essence.

The more often you use the wings, the stronger the effect.

You can call the wings simply by mentally calling “Angel Wings” and try to feel their light, power, feel or see.


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