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Welcome to Sundari Magic and thank you for visiting.

Sundari Magic

Provides safe and effective attunements, healing sessions, items intending to support your healing, development and spiritual growth.

To help accelerate your understanding of what attunements are, how they work etc. I have put together some blog posts that will walk you through what you need to know. If you are new to attunements/empowerments, start here.


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I don’t have much to say because other commentators are constantly writing about it. This is just a good site that I can recommend to all people interested in magic. I wish creator of this site more visitors, popularity and good luck!

Ethan Smith

I don’t like to write long comments, so I’ll just say that this site is very worthy.


Thank you very much, Radha Sundari!Thank you for your site’s existence! Keep improving yourself and improving your site, sincere good luck to you!💞


Hello! I am not a magician, but just beginning my acquaintance with magic. Since childhood, I was interested in everything mystical and mysterious, but my environment never took me seriously, and as a result, I also stopped taking my interest in magic seriously, trying to throw my craving far on the dustiest shelf, considering this all nonsense and my rich imagination under the pretext that it’s time to grow up and start living in reality. But once and for all I could not forget about this. I was extremely superficially interested in various magical things. Thus, I heard a lot of bad things about magic, a lot of good things and of course a lot of stupid stereotypes. But one day I came across an ad for your website on Facebook. I reviewed your site and my interest in magic grew. The site has an acceptable design, acceptable functionality, posts are written wonderfully, accessible, informative, interesting. And so I decided that I would try to order a attunement from you, and it will decide whether I will do magic or not. But before that, I, of course, decided to read the complex of your blogs about attunements/empowerments.
They are also very well written. You must have a talent to inspire people. Thank you very much for your proceedings , wish you all the best!


This undoubtedly helped me a lot….!


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