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The Ganesha Wand Multi-Attunement: The Energies of Ganesha Wand, Statue, Six hour Puja process and Much more!


Maha Kali Seichim: Warrior Mother Aspect of Kali, A Very Comprehensive History of Kali & All Her Aspects Including Symbols & Mantra and much More!


The Khatvanga Initiation and Empowerment: Magic WAND! The Spirit of the Khatvanga is placed in your heart, and in the hand of your choosing so that it’s energy projects out through your fingers!


Power of the Nepalese Shaman: Will show you the color of your magic! Power of the Asian Black Cobra, Trishula, Sickle, Wooden Phurba, Shaman’s Drum, Necklace and much MORE!!!


The Spirit Doll Empowerment: For serve as surrogates to help FOCUS energy toward a specific chosen individual for healing, empowerment or cursing!


Guardians of the Four Directions: Calling upon the guardians of the four corners, this powerful attunement offers you the PROTECTION of the circle at all times!


Wings of the Raven Digital e-manual: Raise magickal abilities, hear messages in the wind, enhance magickal abilities, receive divine messages!


Kali Naga Shaman’s Necklace Empowerment: Alliances with all of the Naga and the spirits of nature, for the great POWER of the NAGA tribes to flow through you and much more!


Magic Lamp Empowerment, digital e-manual, by Lavinia: A MAGICAL WISH SYSTEM, enhances ALL of your efforts to the sevenfold


Power of the Kapala: Vastly ramp up the POWER of the Crown & Brow Chakras, Increase your connection to the Nine Realms of the Underworld, ability to form an empathic connection with both humans and the rest of nature and much more!


The Pre-Hindu Mahakala Empowerment: Anyone who receives this empowerment receives great protection, but anyone who also chants SPECIAL mantra receives the even greater PROTECTION, knowledge, WISDOM and much more!


The Wisdom Ruler Empowerment: Will reconnect you with any and all lifetimes where you have been a wise ruler , connect you with the spirits of the shamanic and Bhutanese RULERS and much more!


Kali Naga Shamanic Power, digital e-manual LEVEL 4: Master Teacher Level at this level you may attune others!


Kali Naga Shamanic Power, digital e-manual, LEVEL 3: A Seriously intense power level


Kali Naga Shamanic Power, digital e-manual, LEVEL 2: Increase your personal power 10,000 TIMES !


Kali Naga Shamanic Power, digital e-manual, LEVEL 1: Personal Power Defense, heal the true root cause of all diseases & MUCH MUCH MORE!!!