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ENERGY “JAGUAR” (Free Self- Attunement/Empowerment

This is not like REIKI! This energy is simply POWER.

You just need to remember the feeling and let POWER do what it does.

And it does this:

The jaguar cleans the aura or energy body of stagnant energies. That’s all he does. Moreover, he does it himself, that is, he simply eats them. This is POWER, so the Jaguar can be invited to cleanse the energy body, but trying to influence it is useless. He comes in and does his job. Sometimes he remains lying in the body, as if he is waiting for the food to settle down, and it will be possible to continue, sometimes he leaves himself.
Respect, respect again! He may be offended! Its power is reminiscent of the power of the Earth, cleansing and digesting, recycling organic residues. It feels like when the work is over, you need to thank him and ask him to leave the body (if he does not do it himself).

During self-attunement, you can say the following (three times):

“I am ready to accept the energy of the Jaguar—the energy of POWER. Come and do your job. Clear my aura of stagnant energies. I do not influence the energy of the Jaguar. I trust the Force to do its job!”

At the end, say: “I thank the energy of the Jaguar and ask you to leave my body until the next session.”

Words are not particularly important, the main thing is that you show gratitude.


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