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The Mahakali Bliss Deeksha: Purifies the subtle force centers (Chakras) of the body and aids the awakening and ascension of the Divine Kundalini Energy, and gives you the ability to overcome all problems, illness, pains, afflictions and enemies in your life and much MORE!!!

UNIVERSAL FREE REIKI Divine Energy Healing: Loving energy of the one true God or Universal Spirit, healing system that allows anyone to easily tap into this healing, loving energy to heal themselves and others!

OM Empowerment: Is part of a series of mantra empowerments that tap into the vibrational frequency of a particular mantra. OM (or Aum) is the mantra of primordial vibration – the sound that created the universe.

Higher Self Attunement Method: It is quite similar to the “ChiBall” Attunement Method. The two methods work perfectly together!

Unified Chakra Attunement: Harmonizes the functions of all the CHAKRA from the Soulstar above the head to the Earthstar below the feet, your chakras will work together much more fluidly and effectively than in the past!

Reiki Rainbows Self Attunement : For opening, cleansing, charging, and balancing chakras of Usui Reiki Master/Teachers!

Sea Salt Energy Self Attunement: Sea salt has an irritant-balmy and anti-inflammatory effect, To our energetic body it takes the effect of a cleaning and clearing, it “pulls out” negative energies!

“Oceans of Love” Empowerment: I AM a clear and perfect channel, God’s Golden Healing Love and Light is my guide.