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Grounding in New Energies


You need to ground yourself daily to allow your body to receive higher energy flows and ascend without experiencing Lightbody symptoms. What Kryon means to say is that if you ground yourself every day, you will be less affected by Lightbody symptoms.

Many of the people ground themselves on the physical plane, allowing roots to grow into the ground from their feet. This is a good feature, but this form of grounding only works at the physical level. It is imperative that grounding occurs on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. How it’s done, I’ll tell you.

On a physical level, you can ground yourself by imagining the roots from your feet growing deep into the Earth. You can do this while walking or while eating. But you can also ground yourself with the help of the Aris crystal, because it is this crystal that contains all the energy and vibrations that will help your physical body to receive higher energy without problems.

On the emotional plane, you ground yourself with the help of what you balance, harmonize your masculine and feminine principles. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, both principles exist in you, and therefore it is very important that they move in you in a balanced state and harmony. If this does not happen, the throwing of feelings and the imbalance of emotional perception begin. Ask the highest Light Essence—Adonai Ashtar Sheran to balance and harmonize your male and female energies. This is what you can do to complete the exercises with your physical grounding. If you ask for the balance of Adonai Ashtar Sheran, you won’t have to do anything else!

On the mental plane, or in your mental body, you are grounded when, through the utterance and repetition of certain words or mantras, an energy arises that transforms your mental body. Your mental body is the shell in which all thoughts move. Many people carry baggage of worries, fears, and this cannot be useful for spiritual development. For this reason, it is so important to ground and clear again and again on a mental level.
Use for this such mantras as “Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Chebayot” or “Ehey Asher Ehey, So Ham”, or other mantras that you trust.

The last, no less important plane is the spiritual (spiritual) plane, or your spiritual shell. This body is connected with your Soul or your cosmic parents. The spiritual body connects you with the real Reality.
You ground your spiritual sheath by connecting with your cosmic field of origin. Your cosmic field of origin is the field in the Universe where your Soul was created. You do not need to know exactly where your Soul was created—just ask to connect with your cosmic field of origin and deliver its energy to you. You can also contact your Cosmic Parents and ask them for energy. You can do this without even knowing who your cosmic parents are. Say your original name—another opportunity to ground your spiritual body.

You can ground these four levels again and again by referring to them. You will notice that the more often you do this, the more stable your Lightbody and your whole well-being becomes. Every day, ground yourself on all four planes, and you will feel the positive changes that will appear due to this in your well-being.

From the book “Kryon. Answers and prophecies of the New Age” by Nama Bahal


Grounding with ARIS crystal



ARIS has the power of grounding. Draw an ARIS crystal on the soles of your feet and feel the power of your connection with Mother Earth.
You can also ask Metatron to introduce a sample of the ARIS crystal into your light body with the help of the Fire Ray.
ARIS is a very important crystal, because in the process of ascension in the physical body, where grounding is simply necessary, it plays an important role.
Wings can grow only in those who know their roots.

Energy: Set
Vibration number: 6


From the book “Kryon – Crystals from the Realm of Reality”

In addition to the soles of the feet, the ARIS crystal can also be depicted on the palms, placed in the aura and in the lower chakras—the root and Omega chakra. It is also used in the “Grounding Shoes” technique – imagine any shoes, mentally place the ARIS crystal there and also mentally put it on your feet.

A wonderful crystal, it can also be used when working with Reiki systems, very good for grounding a client or student after working with him, or initiation. Fast, simple and efficient.


Advanced Grounding Techniques.

Also, when working with 999 Energies, it is recommended to ground yourself at all levels—physical / etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual:


Grounding all 4 bodies

Etheric/Physical Body:

Grounding with the ARIS Crystal, food, exercise, general relationship with nature.


Emotional Body:

Balance between masculine and feminine energies—call on Ashtar Sheran and ask to align the masculine and feminine energies.


Mental Body:

Call on the Eye of God, Melek Metatron in the Language of Light: Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai Tsebaiot (Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts).
Or say: Ehey Asher Ehey, Ehey Asher Ehey, Ehey Asher Ehey (I Am Who I Am).


Spiritual Body:

Give your original name, if it is known or consciously connect to the source of your origin—cosmic parents (Monad).



1) We call the state of Unconditional Love;

2) With inhalation, energy from the Sky (Sun), descends to the 7th chakra, passes through the Central
the light meridian to the 1st chakra (the 2nd chakra for women), it gathers there at a pause in breathing;

3) And with an exhalation, we lower the beam of energy down without stopping, to the center of the Earth;

4) At a pause in breathing, Gaia responds, an impulse explosion of energy, which;

5) On inhalation, it rushes upward from the depths, enters the Central Light Meridian, continuing to move, and exits the 7th chakra, splitting into 2 streams. The first stream continues to anchor energy to the Sun (God Ra). And the second stream, like a fountain, diverges above the head, spills over the entire surface of the aura. Along the way, it is aligned and cleansed, the density of the energy structure of the fields—the torus—increases.



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