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Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment of Tanaka-San for Treatment of Viral and Oncological Diseases

Tanaka-San Self-Attunement will support your immunity during the crisis in the world today.

This energy works not only with cancer, but also with VIRUSES.

Self-tuning is free and without preconditions. Save and use For the benefit of yourself and others!

Attunement Founder: Japanese Traditional Reiki Master – Tanaka-san.

You can work with attunement for those who have initiation into the Traditional Reiki system or Kundalini-Reiki (Level 3).

Those who work with it note that it is very useful when working with cancers of various etiologies and viral diseases. This energy also works great with allergies, flu and other viruses.

It is very easy to use it – turn on the Tanaka-San Flow while working. It turns on only by intention,  thought, “I want to work with Tanaka-san’s energy now,” and it’s already went.

And it is very simple to apply – only by intention, by naming the patient’s name and giving the attunement.

When the Tanaka-San energy passes, the following are activated: Anahata, hand channels, Vishudha, thymus gland.

The information is dumped naturally, through the kidney channel, with an exit on the feet.

It is best to heal while moving under the Energy Stream and not be afraid of strong bends, etc.


There are three ways to invoke Tanaka-san’s energy to work:

 After three times “Reiki” say “Tanaka-San” three times and give both of them a common intention.

 During the Reiki session, when you decided that it is time to invoke the energy of Tanaka-san, say “Tanaka-san” three times and give the intention what you would like her to do.

 You can work only with this energy, that is, immediately invoke it and pronounce the Intention.



To receive the attunement, please sit in a comfortable chair and fold your arms in Gassho. Close your eyes, relax, and ask for an attunement now. Master Tanaka-san oversees the attunement and controls it, so think about him while tuning.



“I __ (name) ask my Higher Self to allow me to accept the Tanaka-San attunement and ask Master Tanaka-San, the Supreme Teachers, the Supreme Beings and all Higher Forces to help me so that the attunement goes fully and in the best way for me.”

 Then place your hands on the armrests or on your knees, palms up. You don’t have to do anything else, just relax and enjoy the sensations. The attunement will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

After that, clasping your hands together at your chest, thank everyone to whom you turned to for help in attunement up.


 Please note:


Before accepting the attunement, one should not engage in meditation and other magical and energy practices, give sessions to other people, or drink alcohol.


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