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Energy Bomb Empowerment: Increase your energy levels, Strengthen your astral and physical body, Health, Attractiveness and much More!!!


Magic Touch Empowerment: Make your touch UNFORGETTABLE, Cleans and strengthens your aura, Improves Your Gift of Healing with Hands and Much More!


The Magician: Tarot, Transform situations, Be More Aware, Create What You Wish For, Will Power and More!


Magic Reiki 1, 2: Powerful energies for your sacred space, neutralizes negative programs created by others and negative energetic impulse and More!


Reiki Kundallini Tu Mo: Connect to Reiki Kundalini and Tummo, Cleans your physical and etherical bodies from all blockages, negative energy, and physical/emotional/spiritual diseases!


I am fearless Empowerment: Clear the negative energies from your unconscious, Will fill you with STRENGTH and tranquility, Reduce Your Stress Level and much More!


The Orb of Life Spiritual Gift: Learn to create etheric orbs of life for healing, abundance, for others, for mother earth & even attunements


The Berber Cross Empowerment: The Power of Multi-Dimensional Divination, which allows you to see your answers to your questions in not only this dimension, but in each of the other twelve dimensions!


Attunement to the Scepter of the Dragon-Wolf King: Magic WAND, Attunement to an ancient and very powerful ritual tool!


Power of the Bavarian Zauberer: Magic WAND, This is a very powerful energy, potential weapon, the great GOOD and the great HARM that can come from having it!


Shiva Lingam Essence: Pure Potentiality, intensify your vibrations and much more!


The Naga Conch Empowerment: Balance the Chakras and enliven the Kundalini with the power of Sound, Vibration and the Power of the Nagas!


Etheric Clearing Sequences 1-4 package: Energies for space clearing, implant clearing, entity clearing and more!!!


Master Space Clearing Attunement: Helps you create that lovely energy that feels so good to walk into!


Implant Removal – Etheric Clearing Attunement Sequence #3: Defusing the implants, Clearing the implants, Clear imprints and cellular memory of the implants once defused and removed


Entity Removal – Etheric Clearing Attunement Sequence #2: Helps to clear and release entities, within you, your home, car and to release and clear astral entities for others!


Etheric Clearing Attunement Sequence #1: Allows us to clear/purge hundreds of negative and disempowering beliefs and programs that you are carrying on all levels!


Tibetan Black Quartz Healing: Powerful Aura Healing, Fill physical & energetic with full spectrum rays


Naga Kembar: Twin dragon protection from envious, hostile peoples slander brings abundance & protects from malicious spirits


Celestial Guardians: Energies for success, longevity, energy strengthening, positive qi, great healing and much more!


Wing Care: Energy flows from your hands & Is carried to your client by these wings to reach them and More


Quantum Energy Shield: A 750 FT BUBBLE OF PROTECTON from EMR, Cell Phones & anything with Electricity Flowing


Quantum Purification Healing: This powerful energy draws off negative energies and stress, Absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations!


Protection of Kali Ma: Be surrounded with Kali’s protection, get strength & courage to face challenges and MORE!