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Sensual Vibes Empowerment: Fill you with sensual BLISS, Increase your pleasure from sex and Much More!


The Orb of Life Spiritual Gift: Learn to create etheric orbs of life for healing, abundance, for others, for mother earth & even attunements


The Sexual Celebration of Goddess Sheelah-Na-Gig Within Reiki Attunement: Increase Fertility, Sexuality, Sensuality, Sexual Liberation, Protection, Femininity and much MORE!


The Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement With Goddess Oshun: Prosperity, Increase in income, Sensuality, Seduction, Releasing blockages, Beauty, Sexuality, Power, Joy and more!


Rejuvenation Rejeneration Reiki: Healing, recharging, regeneration to mind body and spirit, for physical illness, aging and more!


Attunement to the Scepter of the Dragon-Wolf King: Magic WAND, Attunement to an ancient and very powerful ritual tool!


Sensual Seductress Reiki – Have it all: Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity Empowerment


Kiss Energetic Healing attunement: Sensitive SENSUAL, energy flow is UPLIFTED, increases VITALITY, stimulates SENSUALITY


Fire Vortex Beauty Care: Stimulates metabolism, removes stagnant energy, assists cellulite, assists exercise


Fat Decomposer Energy Beam: Penetrates the body tissues and layers and strongly stimulates endocrine gland to balance the hormonal excretion


Sexual Empowerment : Transmission of energy to help you tune into and live your sexual empowerment


Virility Care: Regain your masculine edge, confidence, leadership ability, stamina, find mate, have sex appe


Sexy Magic Touch : Radiate your sexy, enchant others, turn men’s heads, brings on your sexy magical self-confidence, YOU are the Star in your life!


Kurukulla Dakini of Magic, love & sex, Magnetism, Enlightenment, Liberation , Magic Emchantments, Tarot and Rune Divination, New Projects Wish manifestation


Aradia Queen of the Witches: Increase spell POWER, clarity in forecasts, divination such as tarot, calling spirits, Beauty, Courtesy, and more!


Sunstone Lightbody Attunement by Hari – Solar Plexus, Depression, SAD, Merkabah development and much more!


Chakra Kartika System by Hari : Use to strengthen auric radiance to keep you looking younger/attractive and increase your personal magnetism charm!


Lilith Goddess of Transformation: Lilith releases and liberates, promotes rebirthing, stength to stand in your own personal power and MORE


Earth energy channel REVITALIZER DEVICE by Hari Winarso: Grounds, stabilizes relashionships, transmits energy to hands, dissolves & transmutes


Breast Care pdf & attunement: Energies for breast health & well-being, balanced & healthy hormones & MUCH MORE!!!


Resveratrol energy, pdf & attunement: Energies for testosterone, weight loss, antidiabetic, cardioprotective and more!


Pengasihan Jala Jagad System by Hari Winarso – Enhances Aura to become more MAGNETIC person and ATTRACT the Opposite Sex!


The G Spot Attunement by Linda Kaye: The G Spot is one of the most pleasurable places on a woman’s body, awaken yours or your lovers!


Anti-Wrinkles Glowing Energy pdf by Brigitt: Glowing skin, anti-aging, assist for age spots, redness, blemishes and more in pdf manual