Top Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Top Meditation Techniques For Beginners (The Secret To Have A Great Meditation For Beginners)

Like everything in life YOU must work for it, and meditation is NO exception.  Especially when it comes to focusing!  Our minds are  bombarded with random thoughts, abrupt emotions, and wacky monkey mind.

Before advancing or getting into the state of meditation for a beginner needs to take baby steps… Or your meditation will be useless and ineffective.  Years of practicing I’ve made mistakes as a beginner.

I wish I knew the little tricks to help me beforehand.  Meditation is no different than lifting at the gym.  A process of bulking, shaping and conditioning your mind, giving you a back stage pass to your true Will.

Because meditation is like a computer.  A computer running variety of programs/apps different programs and apps.  Programs either erased or updated.  Meditation mingles, psychological/spiritual  transformations, and awareness enhancement.   Also a doorway  to Magick and psychic intuition as well.  More on psychics research and studies here,

Make A Mantra Anchor!

Mantras are tools of concentration helping your mind focus.  A mantra is a repeated word, inducing subconscious changes over a period of time.   Repeat mantra meditations to be effective!   

A programmer spends months coding a new program to replace an old outdated one.  The mind’s complexity is a 1000’s times more advanced than a computer.

Mantra’s help build discipline and patience in the beginning.  Mantra’s help build discipline and patience in the beginning.

I myself had a mantra I use.  “master”.   Mastering my will, attention, thoughts/emotions.   Speak out loud, then remain silent for a few breaths.

Elongate your words when speaking.  Maasssssssttttteerrrrrr, lightly during breath exhale. “OM”  for example is a simple mantra vibrate your body taking and focusing your mind.  The power of vibration empowers your focus and sharpens your attention.

Vibrations of chanting effects your physical body and higher assemblage points (chakra points).

Be careful with “OM” because it opens doorways to psychic activity.  Take caution.  Om unlocks doors to the ocean of psychic activity.  Remember, not to overdo it.  Headaches may occur doing too much, too fast.

Random thoughts bubble up, wavering from one to another.  Each time your attention wavers, bring it back!  Attention is one of your most powerful attribute.

Repeat Mantra’s For Them To Change Your State-of-Consciousness

Mantras effect the subconscious.  Think it is the garden that sprouts what you put into it.  So the more you put in the more you get out.  Programming your mind starts with consistency.  To gain enough will power

The more sharpening attention practice, the faster you slice up negative thoughts/emotions.

Build Will Power First (meditate 5 minutes max!)

It’s a pretty tough to keep on riding on the rails without balancing off.  Advanced meditators reach hours, if not days of focused concentration.   Work-out your mind like a muscle and increase your focus.  You’ll also need the willpower to sustain your practices.

Building willpower is a steady process, not rushed.  This is why so many beginner eventually stop meditating.  Do you want to be one of those who further advanced in meditation? Who has impeccable focus to meditate for hours like it’s nothing?

I suggest 3 minutes for in the beginning to build your WILL power at first.  So you don’t get turned off and keep maintaining a steady pace, increasing your length of time.     

Any longer and you might discourage yourself from continuing your practice.  Dial up meditation time,  when you have enough willpower to focus further.

keep your eyes half closed, to stop falling asleep

ONE of the biggest mistakes I remember is falling asleep.  Falling asleep unconsciously won’t help you gain awareness or any benefits.  Focusing and raising of awareness should be the ONLY thing!

There’s a reason why the Buddhas statue’s showed him half closed.   This technique anchors your conscious and subconscious on matching frequencies.

It prevents your mind falling into that “dreamy hazy state” which is not what you want.  Remember we want awareness more than anything.  More energetic awareness the higher we raise our conscious levels.

Senses Scanning. 

Extremely powerful for beginners, why?  Because YOU literally will feel the subtle electromagnetic energies coursing through your body.

Rest assure these energies are REAL!  More practice =  stronger your energy sensitivity.   You morph into a magnetic antenna for sensing subtle energies of the world around you.

Not only unwrapping psychic gifts, but living the present moment of existence.  Meaning what? not in your head all the time and taking life as is!

Physical Sensing

Feel every body part.  Start with your head first.   Feel whatever energies are the most prominent and focus your attention on that.  Every aspect of your skull, ears, eyelids, nose etc.  Keep scanning slowly with your attention.  Scan from head to toe.  Every single body

Sound Sensing

Listen, that’s all it takes.  Focus your attention on sound.  Touch and sound are one of the easiest senses to help focus.  Focus on the surrounding sounds around you.   Focus on the ears.  Start obviously on the first sound your ear receives.

More focus = More in-tune your hearing be.  You’ll hear subtle sounds, even your heartbeat!  That’s how deep in meditation you’ll be swimming in.

Combine Senses

Focusing 2 senses simultaneously creates powerful benefits.  Sense the physical/energetic sensations coursing through your body.  Now notice the sounds, WHILE feeling your body physically.  Incorporate both senses at once.

For smell and taste sensing, it’s a bit more difficult but not needed for now.  And still your senses of intuition can still grow from this basic practice.  Unlocking the gates of consciousness which are your assemblage(chakra) points.

Breath sensing

I’d first do physical/sound sensing before noticing my breath….why?

The breath is an ancient  act primordial dual energy activity.

Focusing on your breath the first time on meditation causes a lot of problems for some beginners.

As soon as their attention focuses on their breath, their breathing falls out of rhythm and out of sync.  The breath ends up irregular from deep to shallow.

The keyword here is “journey”.  Meditation is a journey in your mind, walking the path of pans labyrinth.

You don’t start meditating as a beginner, you have to FALL into it.   That’s the secret of having a great meditation session for a beginner.

The further you advance, the deeper/quicker you fall into that state.

At the point where there is no state of “falling”.

Your attention and Will becomes impeccable and razor sharp.  Your whole life becomes a meditation 24/7(calm, cool and collective).

Be The House Not The Guest! Taming Monkey Mind

Monkey mind is a personal mind.

What can we do to stop our crazy thoughts, negative emotions, or things we want to change?

Stop Identifying as the monkey mind!  what do I mean?

Our false worries, negative thoughts/emotions keep the monkey mind entertained.

It literally drains energy,  so we need to save our magickal power.

For one second right now act as if there is another person inside of you having thoughts.  Put your attention on witnessing your thoughts/emotions.

It’s a very strange feeling.  You’ll actually feel like you’re not the person having the thoughts.  Because you’re not identified on persona/mental/emotional level.  Now you’re in the place of the observer.     

During meditation you want to play the “Witness”.   

Repeating a mantra for this one is a bit tricky why? Because it’s a crazy paradox in itself.

The thought that’s tell you to witness is the one you should be witnessing!  So, what to do?

Repeat the word “Silence”.  Wait a few seconds, no need to count them out.

Repeat the word again bringing your attention to the “NOW” moment.

Keep your eyes half closed as discussed earlier.

Mini Meditations Throught The Day Updates Your Programming

Why would you be doing this?  The Mind is programmable.  Our “programs” are the habits we employ in our everyday lives.   

The conscious mind needs to impregnate its will into the subconscious mind.

Consistency is gold.  You must consistently wine and dine your subconscious mind.   Eventually it caves.   

Break for 10 seconds and repeat a mantra, get focused on silencing your mind, with nothing but you and the world.  Sensing everything

Gesture Of Silence To Quiet Monkey Mind

How many times we catch ourselves in our head again?  Put your finger to your lips, giving  a gesture of telling yourself to “shut up and stay quiet”.

Talking to yourself to be quiet is contradictory. Before I told you repeat the word “Silence”.

That’s ONLY during meditation.  Because you need to be still.

But during the day you can perform this little simple act.

Repeat it a few times during the day, especially when your monkey mind is spinning out of control.

The language of the subconscious is symbols. This is why the ancients wrote in hieroglyphs.  Patriarchy has set the human race back thousands of years. All for its greed. Using symbols will speak directly to the subconscious.

The hard drive is our world or our universe.  I could go on forever about how this world programs you, but magic is all about programming yourself and that is what most future posts will be about. You have the power in your mind.

Your body is how your self experiences your mind. Nature is the living subconscious. I will end on that deep thought so you can ponder.” Frater Xavier Secrets Of The Serpent

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