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Energy of Healing and Rejuvenation (Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment)

I am Nathaniel. I am an Angel. My light is the light of healing and love.

I have been chosen to give you here and now the energy of healing. And also, you will receive energy that will rejuvenate your cells. You may be questioning whether this is possible. But these are merely boundaries, set by your mind, that you yourself have created. Because in true reality, it is possible to rejuvenate your cells with every breath you take. This rejuvenation will be the greatest gift for many people. Because when cells are rejuvenated, the soul feels a tremendous surge of energy. I am honored to have been chosen to do this for you, along with a large group of angels.

Already during the passage of the 48 steps, I told you that the possibility of rejuvenation exists. But in the world of duality, there is a deep-rooted thought pattern, according to which people are convinced that one must grow old. But if you trust our messages, trust also that for you personally, right now At this moment, it will be possible.

And so Nathaniel asks you to dive into the depths of your being. I allow you to feel where, in what place of your body, you are experiencing discomfort. What physical symptoms are you particularly uncomfortable with?

Now talk to your soul.
Tell her that it’s important to you that these physical symptoms go away. Everything is energy. Tell your soul, if this moment is right for you, that you want to receive healing energy and flows from authentic reality.

Now let me deliver the energy of rejuvenation and create balance:

Take a few deep breaths and set your mind aside. After all, you were not born to grow old. This is all about the energy of the world of duality. It’s important that you understand what it means when a huge collective in the duality world sends out an energy that says to people: Year after year, day after day, hour after hour you get older and older.

And I declare to you: Day by day, hour by hour, you are getting younger and younger. These are the boundaries that have been created in the world of duality and that people believe – there is no such thing as a person getting younger. But if you are ready for that now, we will send you streams of healing energy, rejuvenation energy, and energy to tune your Biorhythms.

Trust that along with these words, great and powerful energy begins to flow to you.

So, let’s begin.

You may already be able to feel this energy right now. I know that many people find it hard to believe that such a thing is real. But in relatively recent times in your time, if you turn to the past, what was it like there? People were aging much earlier back then. If you notice these changes and what has happened recently, then you can believe that this is just the beginning.

Try to free yourself from the influence of the collective.

Try to construct thoughts within yourself that allow you to feel and declare to yourself: Every day I get younger and younger. Every hour I program my cells for health in a way that corresponds to my ancient original state.

The streams of healing in a huge collective have a very strong impact and carry great power. So a lot has happened. And I, Nathaniel, bid you farewell with words:


 Be young, whole, happy and loved!


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