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Magic Touch Empowerment: Make your touch UNFORGETTABLE, Cleans and strengthens your aura, Improves Your Gift of Healing with Hands and Much More!


Chakra Tantra Reiki: How to give and in person Chakra Tantra Reiki massage, Energy Healing & Guided Meditation Massage on back spine and Much More!


Passion Booster Empowerment: You will be easier to achieve your GOALS, Become more successful, confident and attractive and much More!


Sensual Vibes Empowerment: Fill you with sensual BLISS, Increase your pleasure from sex and Much More!


The Sexual Celebration of Goddess Sheelah-Na-Gig Within Reiki Attunement: Increase Fertility, Sexuality, Sensuality, Sexual Liberation, Protection, Femininity and much MORE!


The Nekhbet Empowerments: You will be attuned to poweful items, and the ability to heal by being seen naked will be awakened within you!


Sensual Seductress Reiki – Have it all: Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity Empowerment


Kiss Energetic Healing attunement: Sensitive SENSUAL, energy flow is UPLIFTED, increases VITALITY, stimulates SENSUALITY


The Yab-Yum Empowerment: Tantric Empowerment, Sexual healing, mystical sexual, Sexual ecstasy!


Sexual Empowerment : Transmission of energy to help you tune into and live your sexual empowerment


Virility Care: Regain your masculine edge, confidence, leadership ability, stamina, find mate, have sex appe


Maha Kali Seichim: Warrior Mother Aspect of Kali, A Very Comprehensive History of Kali & All Her Aspects Including Symbols & Mantra and much More!


The Primordial Kali Empowerment: Will share the ancient energies of initiation and to all who desire to be initiated into the use of the MAHAKALI Left-Hand Path Mantra and some of the ancient European Goddess energies , which came originally from Mahakali!


Kurukulla Dakini of Magic, love & sex, Magnetism, Enlightenment, Liberation , Magic Emchantments, Tarot and Rune Divination, New Projects Wish manifestation


Siddha Mala Empowerment: It removes all the bad things done by any person in his or her life, PROTECTION from negative energies, the evil eye & psychic attacks, gives success, WEALTH, ATTRACTION, HEALING and much more!


The Mahakali Kavach Empowerment: Have KALI with you in a very tangible way 24 hours a day, The full power of Mahakali shall reside in you, Saves you from your acute crisis, danger and many negative incidents and much more!


The G Spot Attunement by Linda Kaye: The G Spot is one of the most pleasurable places on a woman’s body, awaken yours or your lovers!


The Ten Mother Goddess Empowerment : Included fasting, and doing PUJA for six hours per day for ten days straight. And, it included employing five Priests, and a temple to chant hundreds of thousands of mantras!!!


Tantric Sexual Empowerment 1 & 2 digital e-manual: Tantric Empowerment and Sexual Healing Energies


Key to Your Heart, 1 digital e-manual delivered electronically, Founder is Lavinia: Brings ENORMOUSLY powerful energies of love to MAGNETIZE you


The Shaktipat Empowerment : The most ancient primordial power of Mahakali, and that is the ultimate energy in all of Creation & Giving this energy to others through ourselves, and this leads to the conditions known as Awakening, Self Realization and Enlightenment!


The Vitamax Empowerment by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa : Become a man able to “last all night” !!!


Sex Magic Power Energy Founded by Brigitt : Sexual healing, Reach your goals ,Transmuting sexual energy into huge creative energy and much more!


Magic Lamp Empowerment, digital e-manual, by Lavinia: A MAGICAL WISH SYSTEM, enhances ALL of your efforts to the sevenfold