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The Sexual Celebration of Goddess Sheelah-Na-Gig Within Reiki Attunement: Increase Fertility, Sexuality, Sensuality, Sexual Liberation, Protection, Femininity and much MORE!


The Nekhbet Empowerments: You will be attuned to poweful items, and the ability to heal by being seen naked will be awakened within you!


Sensual Seductress Reiki – Have it all: Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity Empowerment


Kiss Energetic Healing attunement: Sensitive SENSUAL, energy flow is UPLIFTED, increases VITALITY, stimulates SENSUALITY


The Yab-Yum Empowerment: Tantric Empowerment, Sexual healing, mystical sexual, Sexual ecstasy!


Sexual Empowerment : Transmission of energy to help you tune into and live your sexual empowerment

$30.00 $14.99

Virility Care: Regain your masculine edge, confidence, leadership ability, stamina, find mate, have sex appe


Maha Kali Seichim: Warrior Mother Aspect of Kali, A Very Comprehensive History of Kali & All Her Aspects Including Symbols & Mantra and much More!

$75.00 $35.00

The Primordial Kali Empowerment: Will share the ancient energies of initiation and to all who desire to be initiated into the use of the MAHAKALI Left-Hand Path Mantra and some of the ancient European Goddess energies , which came originally from Mahakali!


Kurukulla Dakini of Magic, love & sex, Magnetism, Enlightenment, Liberation , Magic Emchantments, Tarot and Rune Divination, New Projects Wish manifestation


Siddha Mala Empowerment: It removes all the bad things done by any person in his or her life, PROTECTION from negative energies, the evil eye & psychic attacks, gives success, WEALTH, ATTRACTION, HEALING and much more!


The Mahakali Kavach Empowerment: Have KALI with you in a very tangible way 24 hours a day, The full power of Mahakali shall reside in you, Saves you from your acute crisis, danger and many negative incidents and much more!


The G Spot Attunement by Linda Kaye: The G Spot is one of the most pleasurable places on a woman’s body, awaken yours or your lovers!


The Ten Mother Goddess Empowerment : Included fasting, and doing PUJA for six hours per day for ten days straight. And, it included employing five Priests, and a temple to chant hundreds of thousands of mantras!!!


Tantric Sexual Empowerment 1 & 2 digital e-manual: Tantric Empowerment and Sexual Healing Energies


Key to Your Heart, 1 digital e-manual delivered electronically, Founder is Lavinia: Brings ENORMOUSLY powerful energies of love to MAGNETIZE you


The Shaktipat Empowerment : The most ancient primordial power of Mahakali, and that is the ultimate energy in all of Creation & Giving this energy to others through ourselves, and this leads to the conditions known as Awakening, Self Realization and Enlightenment!


The Vitamax Empowerment by Baba Prajna Shiva Kalidasa : Become a man able to “last all night” !!!


Sex Magic Power Energy Founded by Brigitt : Sexual healing, Reach your goals ,Transmuting sexual energy into huge creative energy and much more!

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Magic Lamp Empowerment, digital e-manual, by Lavinia: A MAGICAL WISH SYSTEM, enhances ALL of your efforts to the sevenfold


Power of the Kapala: Vastly ramp up the POWER of the Crown & Brow Chakras, Increase your connection to the Nine Realms of the Underworld, ability to form an empathic connection with both humans and the rest of nature and much more!


The Healing Heart Empowerment: Help you fulfill your goals, and to attract both personal and career SUCCESS, HAPPIER family life & relationships with friends, Wealth, improved Business, Opens the Heart chakra and much more!


Maha Kali Reiki , digital e-manual: Use for Psychic Self Defence, Become Invisible to Enemies, Influence Others, Love, Abundance, Career Advancement


Shri Yantra Empowerment: The Shree yantra is the DIVINE blueprint of creation. Once empowered with it, it will restore your body and soul to its perfect structure, as before it had any karma!