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Dear friends!

Today, I will conduct three new energy channels into your energy circuits:

The first is the Energy from colds, it is very important for you.

Let’s call it “Energy of warming the physical body”.

To initiate it, I give you this sacred imperative:

“Heavenly fire warms the body and the soul. The heavenly fire casts out sickness and infirmity. Heavenly fire heals and uplifts. Amen.”

You may turn on this energy in case of ailments as a result of hypothermia, as a result of “colds”.

The condition is not to go immediately into a room with a different temperature regime, as all “three heaters” in the body will turn on, and you will feel warmth and peace.

It is very useful to apply this energy before going to sleep.
For children, you can apply this energy by saying a sacred call and stroking the child’s chest clockwise around the Higher Heart Center.


The second energy channel, as I understand it, will come in handy for all of you who are suffering from bone remodeling.

This energy is called Bone Transformation Energy.

The sacral command to turn on the “Bone Transformation Energy” is:

“A flow of Light flows in me. Light causes joy and lightness. Light takes away pain and suffering. Light bones help me soar to infinity. Amen.”

Not a pretty name, but it captures the essence of the processes most people are going through right now. Bone tissue is thinning, doctors consider this an epidemic of osteoporosis, but it is an evolutionary process affecting all of humanity. Children and young people already have a different bone structures, and the older generation is undergoing a rather painful restructuring.
This energy channel can be used for pain in the spine and joints, for discomfort before a change in the weather.


The third energy channel will help you find stability in the energy of the etheric body.

Call upon this Flow with this sacred dictum:

“Light and Energy are the foundation of my being. Light and Energy are the essences of my being. Light brings information, Energy brings strength. Information and Power create Law and Order at the core of my being. Amen.”

Everyone knows how easily you lose energy, how unbalanced your chakras are, how the meridians of the etheric body are clogged.
Each of you could use this energy frequency to keep your etheric bodies in balance.

You can start using these energy channels right away and spread them with all the communication channels you have. No additional “initiation” is required. Anyone can easily activate these energies and work with them for themselves and their loved ones.


Saint Germain


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Thank you, I liked how it works!