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From Goddess Hemera Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment

If you want to get rid of the obstacles to finding success, dissolve the energy frozen from your fear and self-doubt. You may not even be aware of the fear, but it will surface.

By dissolving fear and doubt, you release energy, which will then return to you in the form of wealth and talent. Once you have imagined that the energy has swept away these obstacles, you can visualize how the talent or what you need is coming down to you.

When the rays reach your heart, imagine them bursting into fire, emerald fire. You can even see the flames in your heart burst into green fire surrounded by purple. Emerald green color symbolizes the abundance of not only money, but also the flowering of new life, creativity, genius and insights, talents.

This attunement is accepted when a person needs to change something in his life. Goddess Gemera helps to improve the perception of this world and helps to improve material needs.

She has a Cornucopia. With constant work with this Ray, she showers you with her gifts from the Horn of Plenty.

It is very easy to work with this energy.



“Goddess Hemera, light your Ray, illuminate me for Prosperity and Abundance and material benefits, for such and such purposes. Heal me and help restore the money channel for ……. purposes. Activate the money channel in the name of my Greater Good. “.

There is no need to abuse the amounts. You will receive only the amount that you are currently able to dispose of, no more.

When working with this Ray, always hold one coin in your hand—men in the left, women in the right.

When tuning, you are simultaneously tuning coin magnets to attract wealth.

Light and Love!


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