Mystical Knowledge, Healing, Distant Attunements/Empowerments

What happens during receiving Attunements/Empowerments?

Everything is energy.

And this has already been proven by science, although it has always been known!

Life in the Universe is based on Universal Life Energy.

With the help of it, physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual healing occurs.

Attunement/empowerment is a natural opening of the soul, an expansion of consciousness.

The system of Initiations was developed in the ancient deep times of Atlantis, they were accumulated by generations of priests, whose task was to preserve and transmit magical knowledge.
Today, this secret knowledge is available for everyone who wants to raise their spiritual level.

The energy of attunements/empowerments cleanse your subtle bodies, open chakras, balance energy structures, which makes it easier and more conscious to walk the path of cognition.

Attunement/empowerment is the etheric transmission of knowledge, of all that is meant by initiation. This is the transfer of knowledge at a distance. Energy has no boundaries, it passes along the etheric bridge, which is being built by the student and the master.

To tune in to energy means to find harmony. Energetic attunement/empowerment is a process that allows you to come into harmony with the energy of the Universe and receive it.

When you rebuild your energy system and include it in the energy flows of the Universe, you will cease to feel dissatisfaction and fatigue, because vital energy and physical health are internally interconnected.

All you need to do is open up to the energy flows of the Universe and let the energy flow through you.

Perhaps the tuning process is the most sacred thing on Earth to this day.

Each person receiving the attunement/empowerment can experience something different: he can see colors, experience sensations, see scenes of past lives, meet with spiritual guides, be in a state of joy and bliss, feel cold, warm, or something else, just fall asleep.
And if you don’t even see or feel anything, you still accept the attunement/empowerment and the information that is transmitted to you.

Already in the process of initiation (or attunement/empowerment) the energy begins its work to cleanse your body both on the physical and on other levels. It is important to know that after passing the attunement/empowerment, a healing crisis or energy cleansing is also possible. This is similar to cleansing the body of toxins, but since cleansing here takes place not only at the physical level, sometimes a person feels tired, or even sick, sometimes there may also be mood swings. During the period of purification, it is necessary to drink more water and continue to work with energy. In fact, the healing crisis passes rather quickly, and after it, your body will reach a new vibrational level.


What do you need to get attunement/empowerment?

First, you need your readiness for changes in your life, the absence of doubts, as well as the intention to receive attunement/empowerment.

Universal energy is not subject to the laws of space and time, and therefore remote tuning to any energy is as successful as a contact.

Once you receive the attunement/empowerment, the energy remains with you forever. At any time, you can activate it and direct it to where it is needed.

In addition to the fact that you can use the received energy for yourself, after receiving the attunement/empowerment, you can also tune the other person to this energy or conduct healing, cleansing sessions for your loved ones, not forgetting that you should be ASKED ABOUT IT!

Remember the Law of Free Will and do not break it! Only a mother can help her minor child without his request.


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