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What to do After accepting Attunements/Empowerments?

Please don’t be alarmed if you have these or other mild symptoms after the attunement, this happens sometimes. 

After your attunement, you may feel a whole range of emotions and these are all perfectly naturally and will settle in a few days. You may feel overly emotional, it may cause memories of the past to resurface, you may have more vivid dreams than usual and a surge in your natural psychic awareness, feel sleepier than usual or suffer from mild insomnia, so treat yourself gently at this time. If things are Re-surfacing then this is your subconscious mind’s way of saying that it is time to deal with them and not allow them to sink below the surface again. You may find it helpful to journal these things for further contemplation at a later date.
You may also feel ‘power surges’ burning or tingling hands, this is again normal and just your body getting used to the new stream of energy and seeking to integrate it. If this happens, channel this energy as frequently as you can, this is very important in the beginning as it takes time to learn to work with your new energy. Animals, plants, trees love receiving energy if you don’t have any willing recipients.

You may also feel the need to be surrounded by water more than usual, taking extra baths or showers or feel the need to go swimming. The element of water is linked to the emotions and this signifies a need for cleansing at a deeper level than that of just the physical body so just go with the flow!

For 1.5-2.0 hours, refrain from watching TV, smoking, unnecessary conversations, especially with people with whom you are not comfortable, come to a state of rest, ideally it is better to sleep.

Avoid sexual intercourse for at least a few hours (at least 10-12 hours).

Try to avoid heavy stodgy food and eat as much fresh ‘live’ food as possible, you may even feel yourself craving this naturally.

Avoid alcohol if possible. Spiritual practice and alcohol consumption are INCOMPATIBLE.

Give yourself a Reiki or other healing treatment each day.

Drink plenty of clean water.


In some cases, after receiving attunements/empowerments, a short cleansing process is possible (Healing Crisis). Don’t worry – this is normal. It’s just that your body must get used to the new vibrations of the received energy and clean itself of old “energy” toxins. If you do have cleansing, try to get plenty of rest, drink as much liquid as possible and do healing sessions for yourself with the help of energies.


To mitigate, alleviate, and eliminate manifestations of the Healing Crisis, express your intention:

“I invite (name of the energy), My Higher Self, Archangel Raphael, My Guardian Angel and the Guides of the subtle plane (the name of the energy) in order to mitigate, as much as possible, the symptoms of my Healing Crisis after receiving attunement to this energy – at all levels, in all realities here and now! Thank you. “

I hope you enjoy your attunement and if you wish to share your experiences with me or ask any questions I am always happy to hear from you.


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It’s very useful, interesting, assecible information, thank you very much:) Your site is good enough. I don’t see strong downsides. Keep up the good work, you deserve a lot of visitors. I wish you all the best like a person, walking the spiritual path!


A very interesting post and everything written about the state after receiving the attunement or empowerment is absolutely true, as well as recommendations for making it easier to cope with this period. About this things don’t write just like that , such information is difficult to find, so thank you very much. In my personal experience, fortunately, this period often passes easily, only a slight weakness, although sometimes there are exceptions with “cleaning”, but what you can’t stand for the sake of spiritual development. I wish you and your site prosperity!

Lala Parasram

This has helped me to understand so much about what happened to me during my attunement.
I had similar symptoms and couldn’t understand what was happening.
Now I do.
Thank you