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Do Distant Attunements Work?

All methods of contact and distance attunements/empowerments (initiations) are equally effective. They are 100% effective, and none of them is inferior in strength to the other!

There are no time and space frames for energy, and all adjustments take place primarily on the Higher planes.

You should rely only on your own feelings, and follow your inner intuition, both when choosing a method of tuning, and when choosing a Master for initiation!

In my practice, there have been cases when people, unfamiliar with the principle of using energy for healing purposes, asked whether it was true that Reiki is transmitted through a computer, over the Internet or through a telephone connection. It took a while to explain to them how healing can be sent to a person, bypassing any real means of transmission from one point to another.

Telecommunications such as telephones, television cables and the Internet work by transmitting electrical frequencies. Electricity in our homes works on the same principle as radio. All this is tuned to a certain frequency depending on the variation and thus functions accordingly.

In all of these devices, the built-in power flow is regulated so that they can be turned on, turned off, or otherwise used.

All of these above inventions also once seemed unrealistic when people first heard about them.

Distance initiation works the same way. In this case, the energy must be “tuned” to the person to whom it is sent.

Once it is configured or “embedded” in a specific channel, it will flow through streams that already exist in nature, in the same way that a telephone or wireless Internet works.

Distance in these cases is not a problem, just as it is not a problem for cellular communication and the Internet.

The energy that surrounds us carries all these types of energy to the recipient.

In the case of any Attunement/Empowerment the one who practices it is the conductor of its energy.

It’s hard to imagine, but our thoughts, emotions and intentions are also energy. Many people are able to feel energy impulses that generate emotions in their bodies. They understand that nerves and the spinal cord are conductors of this energy in the body.

If you go one step higher, you can see that there is also a relationship between our thoughts and emotions. If this is understood, it becomes obvious that our thoughts and emotions affect our perception and the surrounding people.

All of these factors actually have an impact on the environment.

Before explaining  the action of Attunements/Empowerments at a distance, one must first prepare a person for this knowledge. Of course, for us, telephones, television, the Internet, radio seem to be quite ordinary things, but for those who have not seen anything of this, at first they seem to be something unreal and even mysterious, mystical.

So to understand how distance Initiatives work, check out the Free Attunements/Empowerments ones and start experimenting. Demonstrate your abilities as an Energy-guide and conduct distance sessions for relatives and friends, harmonize your situations at work and in relationships with your beloved.


New to attunements? Start here

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Thank you! The post is written as well as all of your other posts. Besides, the topic is very interesting. Before reading this post, I had much less understanding of distant settings. Sorry, I honestly don’t like to write comments. Bless you! I feel that a great future awaits you! 🙏

Chan Devi

This is very amazing.
It has answered alot of my questions .