Distant Attunements/Empowerments

Which empowerment/attunement should I choose?

You often ask me:

“Which empowerment/attunement should I choose?”

“How do you personally use this empowerment/attunement?”

“What are your impressions of this empowerment/attunement?”

“Please advise me the empowerment/attunement will give 100% result?”

I want to answer all these questions in one post because I want to, and what I try to always convey – reveal confidence in your inner voice.

Learn to listen specifically to yourself, to your intuition, to your feelings.

And most importantly, do not be afraid to receive answers for yourself, within yourself.

This is very important in all our energy practice. After all, doing energy practices, including Reiki, we cannot clearly act according to the instructions, being afraid to take a step to the right, a step to the left.

Reiki practice, including practice with energy channels, is always about YOUR SUBTLE INTERACTION WITH YOUR ASSISTANTS and each empowerment/attunement works for each of us purely individually. I would say that this is a very intimate process, sacral, in which only you and your Higher Helpers participate.

When I say that such and such an empowerment/attunement resonates to me personally, and I see the effect almost immediately, it will not always work for you in the same way. And even more, sometimes the same empowerment/attunement that responds to me will not suit you at all. Because you personally will not resonate with this energy at a subtle level.

And therefore, answering the question “Which empowerment/attunement should I choose in order to get a 100% result exactly?”- I’ll tell you, “I don’t know. I can’t advise.”

I can tell you about my feelings when working with a certain energy channel, but this does not always mean that you will have the same feelings. On the contrary, I often avoid answering such questions so as not to create in your mind high expectations from the practice with the chosen empowerment/attunement.
As we know, expectations breed disappointments.

The list of energy empowerment/attunement is huge. This is a blessing, and at the same time not very good, because you can get lost in all this diversity.
But also, it’s always about the choice. About the ability to start feeling.

“What is the personal empowerment/attunement that responds to me?”

“Do I feel resonance with this energy?”

“Do I want to work with this empowerment/attunement internally?”

Believe me, friends, developing your subtle feeling, you will receive much more answers for yourself from within yourself, and from your Higher Helpers, then you will look for these answers outside.
But at the same time, receiving answers outside, you can still feel the same doubt. Because the answer from outside does not correspond to your subtle sensations.

And so it works in everything.

The more you close yourself off, are afraid to hear yourself, and constantly look outside for answers, the more you become guided by external situations and people.

When choosing empowerment/attunement, ask yourself the questions I wrote above.

When I choose the empowerment/attunement I want to work with, I open the description and listen to myself. Is there a resonance or not?
I usually feel that there is no resonance through the feeling of emptiness within. There is even cold weather. And sometimes there is even some kind of repulsion of the empowerment/attunement.
When there is a resonance to a certain empowerment/attunement, it is always a feeling of a clear answer “Yes” inside me. And here there is no longer any doubt whether I need this empowerment/attunement or not.
If you feel hesitant about a choice, leave this choice, for now, put it off for a day. And a day later, open the description again, read and feel. The choice will then be obvious.

Reveal your feelings, both yourself and your desires, your inner voice, and the overall feeling of your life.

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Voodoo Mike

I have always had issues choosing empowerments, because there are so many wonderful ones here.
Now it will be easier to choose the ones that resonate with me and my goals.
Thank you so much 🙏💜