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Crystals of the New Age for Lady Gaia and for every person

Kryon via Aloku Nama Ba Hala – Crystals of the New Age for Lady Gaia and for every person.

Kryon Crystals There is a great exchange of energy. More and more people are beginning to realize that they are more than just a body in duality. Now is the time to combine the old wisdom with the new technique in order to get out of duality. For this, it is necessary that you forget all the knowledge that comes from the old energy and open yourself to new energies.

The renewal of magnetic energy was necessary in order for the new technique to work. It is adapted to new energies and vibrates with a frequency of 999.

For this reason, technology and crystals will only work with full force when the person using them vibrates with a frequency of 999. Each person intending to make the transition must be with his light body in frequency 999. Based on this, the energy of awakening in each person will be released and activated.

Many people still have difficulty recognizing the New, for example: the new colors of the chakras.

As Lady Gaia’s energy rises, and the energy is expressed in colors and tones, so the colors and individual chakra tasks change.

Kryon, Sanat Kumara, the Supreme Consciousness of Lady Gaia, together with the 36 Supreme Councils of Light, have passed on new crystals and new techniques, with which the New Time Earth Healer can work and do great things.

7 new Crystals for the 7 chakras of the Earth and one new Crystal for cleaning houses and establishing light columns (light pillars).


New chakra colors for Lady Gaia and each person

1. Chakra – Root chakra – Blue
2. Chakra – Sacral chakra – Yellow
3. Chakra – Solar Plexus – Red
4. Chakra – Heart chakra – Pink
5. Chakra –  Frost chakra – Purple
6. Chakra – Third eye – Turquoise
7. Chakra – Crown chakra – White


The “main meaning” in the New Time is carried by the Heart chakra, since the known 7-chakra system will change into the United chakra, expand, and will be able to receive the Energies of the New Time.

The heart chakra acts as a motor that powers the entire United Chakra.

It is important to activate the Alpha and Omega chakras, as well as the activation of the New Time chakras – Eranus and Luina chakras.


Eranus chakra

The Eranus chakra is located at the back of the head, approximately 3 cm below the skull. If this chakra is activated and filled with the energy of the New Time, then this can significantly affect the removal of the death hormone and cell changes. In addition, it is the carrier of the energy of the harmonious rhythm of the Universe and the Earth. People, whose Eranus chakra is activated, are people with complete balance, and they vibrate in a harmonious rhythm of the Universe and the Earth. Nothing can bring them out of their peace, and they are filled with confidence and strength. People whose Eranus chakra is not activated often suffer under all kinds of fear. These people are especially afraid of death.


Luina chakra

The Luina Chakra is located in the center of the brain, along the energy cord between the ears, just above the auditory canals. If this chakra is activated, then it leads to deep spirituality. People, whose Luina chakra is activated, realize a great interconnection in a meditative state, and they easily manage to center themselves and find their middle. People whose Luina chakra is not activated are generally very restless and have difficulty centering. They limit themselves and thus cannot realize the great Whole.



The alpha chakra is located above your crown / crown chakra and, if activated, it connects you to your 10th chakra. Thanks to this activation, it is possible for a person to receive pure Divine energy. The so-called Mahatma energy can also flow through the Alpha chakra. Thus, this ensures that the person absorbs the magnetic energy of love, the so-called energy of the New Time, and then the process of transmutation follows, which regenerates the cells anew.



The omega chakra is located under your root chakra, directed towards the center of the earth, and connects you with the planetary grid and all the nodes of the planetary grid. Thanks to this, you have access to the Consciousness of Lady Gaia. If you provide yourself as a channel at the disposal of Mother Earth, then the energy will flow constantly through your Alpha chakra along the pranic chakras, through the Omega chakra to Mother Earth.



The Sevaya Chakra is a unique miracle. Only this chakra makes it possible for people to make a quantum leap and eliminate all boundaries in themselves. A special group of Angels is guarding the Sevaya Chakra, their task is to transmit messages, check the consciousness of people and activate this chakra at the instruction of Jesus Christ.

This requires an increase in energy up to 90%.


Root chakra



Sacral chakra



Solar Plexus



Heart chakra



Frost chakra



Third Eye



Crown Chakra




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