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New energies 999 – Energies of Love, Abundance and Enlightenment

“New energy” is the energy of unification, the energy of the rise of self-awareness, the energy of love – these are all just the consequences of the true qualities of the energy that is now going to the Earth. Energy unites and inspires, but this is not its QUALITY. New Energies are the energies of transformation of the Human Creator.

The essence of working with New Energies is connecting with the Creator within oneself, i.e. with the Divine Essence of every person. New Energies are the Energies of Man – the Creator, and where there is a process of creativity and creation – there are always elements of surprise, inspiration and unpredictability.

The quality, or characteristic of energy, is its frequency, its wave pattern. Her sound. For the entry of new energies, a person’s PERMISSION is needed for this. N.E. enter you, work with you, your bodies are cleansed. But first, the “device” of the Channel of New Energies. It resembles a “spindle” or two cones connected at the base. One cone has its top at the top, and the other – “looks” with its top down. The junction of the upper and lower cones is approximately at the level of the first (i.e., lower) chakra of a person. So, the capsule has, as it were, two parts – an upper and a lower one. Inside this “spindle” there is a spiral (similar to a DNA spiral), on which there are 12 upper and 12 lower emitters of energy in the form of a pair of symmetrical blades. The speed of movement of each blade is continuously changing. When these Rays begin to “turn on”, special sensations begin to appear in the lower part of the body (especially in the legs). Many of you when “turned on”, i.e. feeling these Rays, they feel strong vibrations in the legs (sometimes it may even resemble mild cramps). Many people are now cleansing the body in the lower part of the body and in the systems associated with the 1st chakra (i.e., the genitourinary system), the skeletal system, and the endocrine system is also involved. In recent months, many have had pain in the joints of the legs, skin rashes occur precisely on the skin of the legs and thighs, diseases of the feet, varicose veins on the legs, etc. become aggravated.

Now more and more often in the literature, the number 999 sounds. And many attunements, as they typically write on sites now, occur at a frequency of 999?

Can every master be able to tune at 999, and what does that mean in light of the high frequency vibrations?

999 is not a level, but vibrations of the number 999. This is the minimum and sufficient for the transition to the 5th dimension (through 4) the level of vibrations. One more measurement scale! It was introduced by the Higher Forces supervising the transition. 

New Energies are energies of Love and Abundance. These are the energies of Enlightenment, energies that help each person to discover God in himself. These are energies that end bondage, energies are helping to speed up the Ascension process!


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Thank you, very interesting topic! A friend of mine recommended your site to me. Glad that such a good site is gaining popularity! Perhaps I will soon buy your empowerment! Good luck to you!

Sham Ramal

Very beautiful, and well written.
Keep up the great work.


Very useful information thanks!