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Temple “The Amethyst Pyramid of Rejuvenation”

The Amethyst Pyramid of Rejuvenation has always been and remains available for those Souls who are actively trying to find ways to return to the Harmonious State of Being.

The Amethyst Pyramid of LIGHT for EARTH is located in the middle sphere of the Fifth Dimension. This is the Sanctuary, the Preserved Healing Place.

In the center of this Temple a grandiose Triune, Three-petal Violet FLAME burns, which emits non-scalding, cool waves of Healing LIGHT throughout the Great Construction.

Beloved Archangel ZADKIIL and Lady AMETHYST constantly radiate Transforming Vibrations of REJUVENATION, BALANCE, and HARMONY into this FLAME OF LIGHT—LIFE—LOVE.

Around this PURPLE FLAME, there are crystal chairs of various shapes and designs (in which you can recline) in a circle for those in need of Healing and Rejuvenation.

If you have an attunement for any kind of Reiki, invoke Reiki, as well as Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst, Archangel Raphael and the Virgin Mary for a session of healing and rejuvenating you in the Amethyst Pyramid.

When you sit in one of these chairs, your feet are stretched out towards the Flame, resting on a low crystalline wall that surrounds the PURPLE FLAME.

Behind the tier of chairs there is another tier in the form of a circular deep depression in the crystalline field, the width of which is about 31 cm.

This recess is filled with Emerald Crystals, emitting spiral waves of green Healing Energy from the Archangel RAPHAEL and the Virgin MARIA throughout the Pyramid.

These Beloved BEINGS constantly radiate from THEIR HEART CENTERS THE FIFTH RAY OF HEALING LIGHT into this Emerald Scattering of Crystals.

You can visit this SACRED TEMPLE OF HEALING or receive an infusion of the Harmonious Frequencies of GOD’S LIGHT.

However, as per UNIVERSAL LAW, You MUST Always State:


You can also ask that your LOVERS sometimes, when the need arises, to take HERE; however, the GUARDIAN ANGEL of each person will decide:
Should this be done and will it be the Highest Blessing for him—her.

After completing the work, thank Reiki (if called), Archangel Zadkiil, Lady Amethyst, Archangel Raphael and the Virgin Mary and release the energy by blowing it from your palms.

(From Archangel Michael via Ronna Hermann)


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