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Rebirth of the Flame of Abundance, Message from Goddess Lakshmi

I Am Goddess Lakshmi—Lady and Keeper of the Flame of Abundance. I greet you, my Dear Family.

I honor and love you and your life, your tasks, and the alchemy of your Lesson. Therefore, today I answer your calls and again give you the energy and a little lesson of Abundance. I guide and support you, and I will help you in the future to activate and revive the Sacred Flame of Abundance.

My task is not to give you this Flame, but to teach you to keep it again in your heart and in your House. I know all your difficulties, all your sufferings, thoughts, and feelings.

And the first thing I have to tell you today is that the energy of abundance is killed by the feeling of failure. Feeling bad is the worst energy of all. It is life-threatening to the Flame of Abundance, which is a very subtle and sensual Flame. We talk a lot about how true Divine Abundance comes from the Awakened Heart.

It would seem that all of you—Beloved Human Beings, perfectly understand what this is about, and yet you cannot fully remember and understand this truth.

The most important channel of abundance is in your heart — it is the channel of your Divine Dignity. For many years, this channel in you has been deliberately blocked, and even for many of your lives. Of course, this is not your fault, or rather, it is not your fault, but your contract, which was valid for you until the expiration of your karma.

The fact is that the energy of abundance cannot fully pass into your Soul while your channel of Divine Dignity is blocked.
Until you learn every day to admire yourself, your Divinity, Power and inner Harmony, and the Beauty of your all creative beginning, it will be very difficult for you to live in this world.

Every day you need to pay attention to the energy of your Divine Dignity—this is the first thing that all of you, Dear Human Beings, need to revive in yourself. When you realize yourself as the Perfect Masters and ascend to your Starry Throne, Abundance will itself come into your life.

In order for the Flame of Abundance to settle in your heart and in your family, you need to work in the Spirit and listen to me, listening to my advice. Almost all human beings lack persistence. You give up too quickly. But you must set a goal for yourself—forever get rid of poverty, dependence, and slavery of your soul, which is inevitable in a state of despondency, apathy, fear, and failure dictated by you’re suppressed.

With the Dignity that you have forgotten about and the damage in your Channel of this Dignity. I will guide and teach you how to Guard the Sacred Flame of Abundance and how to care for its precious energy, which is used by the entire Universe and all beings. If you listen to me attentively and follow all my advice and recommendations, then very soon you will discover your new opportunities on the path and you will acquire not a burst of energy of abundance, but its constant qualities and a continuous free and generous flow.

The energy of Abundance has already come to your home. It is a very agile, responsive, and powerful energy. She instantly responds to your requests and hears you at any distance. For the energy of abundance to be with you continuously, its Sacred Flame must flare up in you. It is necessary to unblock, heal, and fully activate the channel of your Divine Dignity.

Do not think that this channel suffers only in you. Its deactivation manifests itself in different ways for different people, and problems with the energy of abundance are not the worst option yet. It is very important to teach your consciousness to live in a state of constantly open possibilities and Cosmic Love—this is a state in which you practically do not feel your weakness and vulnerability, this is the state of your purified Divinity, in which you know that the Love of the Universe always offers you a lot of options for the development of events, and you ALWAYS HAVE A WAY OUT of any situation.

In order for the energy of Divine Abundance to truly become in your life your wonderful companion and an integral part of yourself, it is important to accumulate that energy in yourself that allows you to become the Wizards of your Destiny and, instead of waiting for changes, create them with your Joy and Power.

Another most important energy is the Energy of Awareness of the Holiness of everything that you receive as a Gift from God. Whether it’s money, groceries, clothing, or whatever.

This is your CAREFUL attitude to everything that you have in your life. Everything that you have, every grain of your material possessions, is the energy of God’s Love. This is holy energy. All that you receive every day with air, water, and food is the Love of the Creator. And every day He sends you His manifested Love and wants only one thing so that you learn to truly appreciate in your heart what you gain every day and to GRACE for it.

And so we come with you to the great trinity of the Holy Energy of Abundance. Three main qualities of the Light Power of God, of which the energy of abundance is created, and each of which is a manifestation of the Highest Love for you—the Energy of Dignity, the Energy of Holiness, and Careful Attitude to the Gifts of God, and the Energy of Gratitude.

Here are three basic principles that you need to completely revive in your mind in order to get rid of the ghosts of poverty and misery forever. In order to awaken your Dignity, meditate every day on this forgotten feeling, imagine yourself to be a God or Goddess who knows how to work miracles. In your imagination, create with your Divine Power, with your awakened Dignity, whatever you need. Learn to appreciate all that is given to you again. Never pour out clean water. Try not to spill a drop. If the water cannot be drunk, give it to animals, pour it into a flower or into the ground.

Do the same with all products that come to you. Appreciate and admire what you have. Take good care of your bread and every grain of food. Touch it with great love in your heart and with great gratitude that you have it. Never throw away food, even if it is spoiled. The best option is to bury it in the Earth, give it to animals or birds.

Give thanks every day for everything you have. For each piece of bread, for this is the manifested Love of God, which He transforms for you into the dense form of your food, not only so that you do not starve to death, but so that you enjoy life on Earth and appreciate the aroma and taste, appreciate love and care, appreciated the Sacred Flame of Abundance in their lives and in their minds. Do not allow any stagnation, decay or decay in the House. Your Home should never have stagnant water. All this very much scares away and disqualifies the energy of Abundance. The energy of Abundance is alive and intelligent. She loves to be noticed and thanked very much. In response, she begins to develop very quickly. But, just as quickly it can leave you if your consciousness returns to the previous level.

The Altar of Abundance must be free and clean at all times. If it is dirty, dusty, littered with various things, even your most beloved ones, if you pile on it a huge amount of money and the best products, the energy will not pass. The place where you decided to create your Magnet of Abundance (Altar) should be as free and clean as possible. As I already said, the energy of Abundance is one of the most mobile energies, it will continuously flow into your life if you make yourself and your own evolution mobile.

The energy of abundance, like all Cosmic Energies of Love, is continuously evolving, and it is maximally interesting in its evolution. If you offer your open heart and consciousness for this, then the energy of abundance will evolve through you, which means that you now need to develop it all the time and find more and more new ways for this. To keep the Flame of Abundance, some of you, or even better all of you, need to become a kind of Priests of the Sacred Flame of Abundance, which means never forget about it and always keep it in your heart.

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