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What is a Channeling?

Channelling is a way of communicating with any kind of consciousness that is not in human form.

Channelling is the process of a person receiving information from intelligent Beings who are in a more subtle reality of existence. Also, the word channelling also refers to the result of such interaction – a verbal message or recording in any form. This can be information from the so-called Ascended Masters – Teachers of humanity who left their bodies long ago and still remain a part of human life, beings of other, more advanced, civilizations, angelic beings, the Main Source (God), the Higher Self receiving human messages.

The information of the Channeling helps in understanding what is happening, offers guidance, practices, clarifies incomprehensible aspects of life in our Time of Change, gives tips for scientific research and information about the multidimensional structure of Human.

Channeling is a powerful means of spiritual development and conscious transformation. By becoming a “channeler,” you are bridging to higher realms – to a loving, caring collective higher consciousness that is called “God,” “the Being,” or “the Universal Mind.”

The practice of channeling is a natural form of communication between people and angelic entities, natural spirits, non-physical entities or even animals and pets, the Higher Self, the dead, all kinds of forces from light-bearing to demonic, as well as representatives of other civilizations. A channeler is like a translator or an interpreter. He allows himself to feel or sense information coming from another being. The channeler puts this information into human words for his own or other people’s understanding of it.

The shaman also practices Channelling during the ritual accompanied by chanting and drumming during which the ecstatic shaman communicates with spirits. Having obtained knowledge and information, for themselves and their fellow tribesmen.

Saints – they hear the voices of Angels. There are many manifestations, some hear the inner voice and do not even realize that they are actually communicating with and guiding them. Some write books or notes under dictation and then distribute so that other people can receive the knowledge given from above.

A medium is the same as a channeler, only narrowly focused. He works with the world of the dead, the people, beings that have already left the Earth plane. Whoever corresponds to what goes there))).  A medium can also let the spirits into himself, for a while giving his body to the spirits of his own free will to transfer information or to perform any action, ritual.

Through channelling, you gain access to these higher realms by connecting with a high  level Mentor, or the highest aspect of your “I,” which “brings down the higher vibrations down a notch and make them more accessible to you. Channeling involves consciously shifting the focus of your mind and reconfiguring the configuration of your mental space. The goal of this is to achieve an “expanded” state of consciousness, what we call “trance.” To enter the trance space of channelling, you have to learn  to concentrate, to get your own thoughts out of the way, and to be more receptive to higher guidance. In this receptive state, you become exactly the “channel” through which the higher energies come in. 

You can use these energies to do good.

The channeling will give you that wise teacher you have been looking for all your life, and that teacher will come to you from the “inside” rather than the “outside. Channeling help you to understand a lot, to find answers to questions such as “Why am I Here?” and “What is the meaning of life?”

Practicing channeling is like climbing to the top of a mountain where you can see more, much more! By becoming a “channel,” you can become more and more aware of the nature of reality, learn a lot about yourself and others and see your life in a broader perspective and therefore, Consequently, find the higher meaning in the situation you are in.
Your Mentor will help you find answers to all questions, both from everyday life and from the most mysterious realms of Spirit.

Channeling you can use it for healing, teaching and expanding your in all aspects of life. From the higher realms, one can draw knowledge, wisdom, inventions, works of art, philosophy, poetry and all kinds of discoveries… Channeling helps you tap into a constant, stable source of inspiration and information.


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