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Cleansing Energy Block (Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment)

Self-attunement “CLEANSING ENERGY BLOCK” consists of three energy attunements.

The reception of energies occurs in stages:

1. Energy attunement to the energy of the “Blue Winds”.

2. Energy attunement to the energy “Rain cloud”.

3. Energy attunement to the energy of the “Sea wave”.


The interval between receiving of attunements is 3 days.


The energetic attunement to the “Blue Winds” energy very well helps in cleansing the body, removes energy blocks in the human body.

With the help of energetic attunement to the energy of the Blue Winds, energy channels in the body are cleared.

It launches a block of cleansing energies. Energy cleansing begins in your body.

Energetic attunement to the Blue Winds energy restores physiological balance and promotes deep healing.

The energy of the Blue Winds enlightens and harmonizes.

Energy works with situations and personal problems.


Feelings while receiving the energy attunement to the energy of the Blue Winds:

You feel filled with pure energy. You have normalization of the chakras, corresponding sensations in the chakras, changes from heat to cold. Feelings are different for everyone, it all depends on the degree of damage to the energy layers of a person.

Energetic attunement to the energy “Cloud of rain” descends on a person in the form of a cloud above his head or in it. It flows smoothly around it, and then pours out in a stream of rain.

The mind is cleared of unpleasant, far-fetched thoughts.
Energy “Rain Cloud” increases your connection with guides and Higher teachers.
The main thing is to relax and let the energy flow calmly throughout the body, washing away various negative influences (evil eye, spoilage, aura breakdowns, etc.)
Perfectly cleans space and objects.

Energetic attunement to the “Sea Wave” energy removes negative emotions, helps to dump the negative of the past day.

It relieves stress, depression, relaxes and restores inner harmony, can be used as a remedy for insomnia.

The energetic attunement to the “Sea Wave” energy is the final energy in the block of cleansing energies.


To receive a new energy attunement, take a position that is comfortable for you.

Eyes closed, hands on knees, palms up. Fold each palm into a cup, as if a ball is in the palm of your hand.

Try not to think about anything and turn off everything that might interfere with you. You can light a candle, it’s up to you.

Ask the Source and your Higher Self to tune you to this energy, and say out loud your readiness to receive an energetic attunement.

It is done like this:

“I, (name) is ready  to accept the attunement to “Energy (Name).  Light Divine Forces come, help, lead!”

You will feel that warmth will flow into the centers of your palms. Your heart rate may increase. All this speaks of being connected to this energy.
After connecting to the energy, you can take a sitting or lying position in which you will be most comfortable.
It is very important that you do not cross your arms or legs while receiving the attunement, so as not to loop the flow of energy!
The time of energy intake is about 20-30 minutes, everyone determines this for himself, according to his feelings.

Observe yourself and your feelings.

After the flow decreases, you can disconnect from the energy, this is done as follows:

To disconnect from the reception of the energy tuning, you must take a vertical position. You can get up, fold your hands in a boat near the solar plexus and rub your palms against each other, saying your gratitude for the received energy attunement:

“I, (name), Thank the Light Divine Forces, the Universal Mind and Space, for conducting the attunement to energy (Name),  everyone who helped me in this, Thank you!”

Enjoy your Attunements!


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