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Golden Sword of Truth (Free Self-Attunement/Empowerment)

The “Golden Sword of Truth” energy was transmitted by Archangel Michael 

When you are in difficulty or, for example, you need to make an urgent decision, and you are in doubt about something, just call this amazing energy to help.

Claim Divine truth and you will never go wrong.



I here and now call on Archangel Michael and his Golden Sword of Truth to help in  (name of the question, problem, situation). I intend to understand and realize the True / The Highest meaning  (name of the question, situation, issue) and act according to the knowledge received.
Divine Truth always illuminates my path.

This energy helps to adhere to the Divine / Supreme Truth in any questions and situations, helps to choose the right direction and not to lose orientation in the stormy streams of life.

The Golden Sword of Truth will help you see everything as it is.

This energy exposes deception, shows the true motives of certain actions, and is also the correct guideline for your goals and desires.


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The Templar Sword of Truth Empowerment Process : The Mask Destroyer, The Deception Destroyer, The Myth Destroyer, The Truth Magnet, The Courage to Be who you Really Are!

The Wisdom Ruler Empowerment: Will reconnect you with any and all lifetimes where you have been a wise ruler , connect you with the spirits of the shamanic and Bhutanese RULERS and much more!



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