The Mahakali Reiki Healing System By Dr.Prajna  Shiva Kalidasa

Many forms of Reiki deal with specific frequencies of energy which limit them greatly. That is not true with Mahakali Reiki. Mahakali is the Great Mother Goddess of the Void. The Void is the repository of all of the primordial energy used in Creation. The Void is both space and unmanifest energy. Many people in western cultures think that space is empty, but nothing can be further from the truth! Space contains all of Creation within it as well as all of the energy that supports its continued growth and manifestation. In eastern cultures, Yogis and other great masters often speak of meditating upon emptiness, but this emptiness is the space we are talking about here in which the greatest part is known as the Void.
The Void is a deep and dark place in which the center contains no light. In fact, the greatest and most rewarding meditations on Mahakali take place within the Void. At first, you notice the dense and heavy pressing energy of the darkness that wraps you up like a warm and soft blanket on a cold night. Then, way out at the limits of your vision you see the beginning glimmers of Light as all light is the beginning of Creation at the edges of the until then unmanifest darkness. It is here that we find the heart of our Great Mother Kali, and bathe in the ecstasy of Her great Love!
Whereas most forms of Reiki access specific frequencies of energy, Mahakali Reiki accesses all of the unmanifest energy of the Void. This allows you to use it for any purpose whatsoever. Simply access the energy as you will be guided below, and then set your intention for what you desire to happen. The energy will flow, and begin the work to make your desires come about. Energy + Intention = Fulfilled Desires.
As you are accessing the ultimate source of unmanifest energy in this universe then you are able to set literally any intention that you desire. Intention is the key to everything in energy work. While I am giving you a partial list below for your consideration, just know that this is only limited by your own imagination. Here is a partial list:
  • Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Healing; 
  • Protection of yourself, your loved-ones and places;
  •  Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity;
  •  To find a new job, or get a raise;
  •  To attract a lover or life partner into your life;
  •  To find your life purpose;
  •  To ramp up your spiritual growth and enlightenment;
  •  To influence others (WARNING: Doing so against their will, for healing or otherwise, brings you Bad Karma!)
  •  To make you or others invisible to enemies in the spirit world;
  •  Psychic Self-Defense;
  •  Healing stones, plants, animals, water and the earth as a whole;
Again, this is just a partial list that barely scratches the surface of what you will be able to do with this form of Reiki.
Also in this manual, you will receive a clear definition of the difference between Reiki and Seichim that will make your use of both systems much stronger and clearer, you will learn about how to do the “Breath of Fire”, and how to work with this power force for creation with all of it’s great potential.
This attunement will be sent to you in an Orb of Life, and you will receive a detailed manual.


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