Black Fire Ecstasy Founder Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Levels 1

Founder Lavinia Sina Szendrei
Please note: This system can be your main choice in a buy one get one offer but may not be a free choice. This system is not available in package offers and should not be offered in packages, on ebay, swapped in reiki friendships, gifted, exchanged, shared in reiki groups, posted online, etc.

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement.

Black Fire Ecstasy

…a magical ecstasy of power, strength, protection, security, and superiority.

This enormous and extra ordinary magical force puts you into pure euphoria! Powerful energies of power, strength, protection, security and superiority, will be released and you will be put in a magical ecstasy of the black fire. A deep knowledge of the presence of this magic will fulfill you. Your soul will be surrounded with the black fire and your inner/mental strength lifted. This s ystem generates fast, power, strength, protection, security and superiority. Everywhere you look it burns the black fire and all who want to harm you will be put in fear and fright!


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