Tantric Sexual Empowerment

Includes digital English e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder: Dr. Prajna Shiva Kalidasa et al (lineage is in manual)

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Mastership

The manual includes:

  • Tantric Sexual Empowerment
  • The Old System
  • Sexual Empowerment by Attunement
  • History of this Attunement Process
  • Seichim as Compared to Reiki
  • Symbols for this system
  • The Attunement Process
  • In Praise to Mahha Kali

The Tantric Sexual Empowerment’s assist in the healing of all types of sexual dysfunction and trauma through spiritual & energetic means including but not limited to sexual molestation, abuse & rape. There are 2 attunements to this system.

Attunement 1:
Covers all aspects of physical and emotional sexual dysfunction that impedes your ability to engage in sexual activity. The founder states that in a way you would be receiving a form of spiritual viagra without any side effects.

Attunement 2:
Healing for sexually based emotional disorders and trauma. This is master teacher level and after this attunement you may attune others.

You will receive 2 distant chi ball attunements and 1 digital e-manual, sent electronically.


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