Real Vampire Reiki

This Empowerment/Attunement is Available to ANYONE

Levels 2

This is Level 1

Includes  pdf sent digitally by email and attunement

Real Vampire Reiki was channeled by Tina Hesskew and the entity named “Charley”.

Goal of this Manual Learn about Vampirism:

  • Types of Human Vampires in the Vampire Community
  • Life styles or Vampyres
  • Psychic Vampires or Energy Eaters
  • Elemental Vampires
  • Blood Drinkers
  • Sanguine Vampires
  • Vampire Bats
  • Donors
  • We as humans
  • Vampire or not
  • Psychic Attack Protection
  • Gemstones Available for Use
  • How Vampire Reiki Came to Me
  • What Real Vampire Reiki does for You
  • The Attunement Empowerment to Real Vampire Reiki
  • The Sacred ANGH Vampire Reiki Symbol
  • How to share the Healing Energies with Others
  • Daily Method of Protection and Utilization of Real Vampire Reiki
  • How to Perform Cord Cuttings (Negative Attachment)
  • How to Charge Items with Vampire Reiki Goal of this Manual and the Attunement
  • To attune those drawn to vampires and vampirism to the Real Vampire Reiki energies for a better understanding of the lifestyles, needs, wants, desires,strengths, and uniqueness of all human Vampires as well as Vampire Bats.


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