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Back Care empowerment


Founder: Mariah Couture

Levels 1

 Included is pdf manual sent electronically and 1 distant energy attunement

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, You can initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system:

Back Care energy system brings you easy to activate soothing comfort for your back care needs. Your Back Care Team of helping, healing responsive beings of love, light and life bring you immediate energy assistance.

Back pain can occur as a result of many different reasons. Any type of pain discomfort can be lessened with Back Care!

If you don’t usually feel subtle energies in your body when you receive Reiki and other holistic energy healing modalities here is some of what you may notice in the days and weeks while you activate Back Care regularly:


Less medicine is needed to feel alright.

More solid sleep

More relaxed and flexible muscles in your back

Less pain in general in your back

Other healing modalities work better

Medical treatment is more effective

You can resume your regular daily activities faster in the morning

Slowing of degenerative diseases

Your chiropractic adjustments stay in place longer

You can be active for more time in the day

You notice that you have an uncharacteristic cheerfulness develop that you

hadn’t experienced since before your back pain started

You are able to drift into sleep faster when you are ready to sleep

If you do feel subtle healing energies, when you activate Back Care

You may notice and enjoy:Your feet heat up when you activate Back Care

The area of discomfort is eased by a gentle warmth or cooling feeling

Back Care energy is soothing and you feel taken care of

It is easier to breathe deeply because your back muscles instantly relax

You feel a cushion of gentle energy assist “slipped disks”

You feel an easing of the sharp pain usually associated with sciatica

You feel the repairing energies of Back Care working with you.


If you wake up at night with back pain, activate Back Care and go back to sleep comfortably and quickly. Other areas of your body may be tended to if your back’s pain and tension has radiated to other areas. If you recline while you activate Back Care, giving your Back Care Team more time to work with you,  they will be able to do deeper healing work with you.  When you are physically still and reclined, more delicate healing happens.

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