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The Orb of Life Spiritual Gift: Learn to create etheric orbs of life for healing, abundance, for others, for mother earth & even attunements


Sacred Blood Elixir: Raw Cosmic Power, Catalyst for Transformation, Release hidden power and potential, attract desires


The Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement With Goddess Oshun: Prosperity, Increase in income, Sensuality, Seduction, Releasing blockages, Beauty, Sexuality, Power, Joy and more!


Attunement to the Scepter of the Dragon-Wolf King: Magic WAND, Attunement to an ancient and very powerful ritual tool!


Power of the Bavarian Zauberer: Magic WAND, This is a very powerful energy, potential weapon, the great GOOD and the great HARM that can come from having it!


Sensual Seductress Reiki – Have it all: Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity Empowerment


Abundance Success Empowerment: Law of Attraction, peed up your transcendence and help you to achieve your goals & follow your dreams


Prosperity Flow Reiki: Harmonizes your energies to the frequency of prosperity.


Naga Kembar: Twin dragon protection from envious, hostile peoples slander brings abundance & protects from malicious spirits


Money Magnetic Energetic Device – Become a Financial Force to be Reckoned with! Bad Financial Conditions, financial blocks, increase sales/business


Celestial Guardians: Energies for success, longevity, energy strengthening, positive qi, great healing and much more!


The Power of 8 Empowerment: You will learn That the number 8 is a part of the greatest occult secret to true power!


Augustus Empowerment: Persuasion, wealth, find new abilities, decisiveness, confidence & loyalty in others to you


Celestial Abundance Encoding: Pleiadian Celestial Beings, Abundance, Love, Health, Happiness


The Primordial Kali Empowerment: Will share the ancient energies of initiation and to all who desire to be initiated into the use of the MAHAKALI Left-Hand Path Mantra and some of the ancient European Goddess energies , which came originally from Mahakali!


Templar Power & Fortune Empowerment: Abundance and a high yield, Protection, Generating a POSITIVE FORCE, Charm for Strength, Power, & Riches!


Kurukulla Dakini of Magic, love & sex, Magnetism, Enlightenment, Liberation , Magic Emchantments, Tarot and Rune Divination, New Projects Wish manifestation


Illumination of Gods Wealth: Abundance, Money Freedom, Financial Security, Real Estate Success, Success in Business Ventures, Feel Blessed!


7 Gods of Luck, digital e-manual: Blessings Luck, Wealth, Success, Longevity, Happiness much more!


Kubera Wealth Drawing Puja Empowerment: Money Drawing, Wealth Attraction, Prosperity Flow, Powerful Mantras to increase WEALTH!


Shree Sampoorna Vyapar Vridhi Mahayantram: For removal of obstacles, attraction of customers and increasing business & Energy combination of 13 most powerful WEALTH and PROSPERITY Yantras!


Siddha Mala Empowerment: It removes all the bad things done by any person in his or her life, PROTECTION from negative energies, the evil eye & psychic attacks, gives success, WEALTH, ATTRACTION, HEALING and much more!


Sita Mahakala Reiki: For wealth and good FORTUNE, clear negativities and remove obstacles that block the flow of prosperity, increase positive energies in your life!


The Kala Bhairava Empowerment: Guards you against accidents and other unforeseen events, Blesses you with POSITIVE ENERGY and success, Relieves you from debts and improves your financial status and much more!