Windows of Soul empowerment


Founder: Maha Kamaleksana

Levels 1

Included is pdf manual sent electronically and  distant energy attunements

You will be able to initiate others

You will receive a certificate at your request

Ongoing support is available via email


About this system

We have experienced many mental and physical changes during our long history and our eyes, often described as the windows of the soul, have been affected as well. As we now spend much of our day and night hunched over our computer screens, reading or watching TV, this constant near-point stress has produced long term changes to our vision.

Windows of Soul helps us to overcome overworking for hours in confined spaces under artificial lights – our eyes have been required to make huge adjustments. Works in vibrational level to present a relaxation point to nourishing the eyes with increased blood circulation thus all the facial muscles are been lose its tension and expands the flow of energy through the whole body.

Window of Soul can tone and strengthen your mental focus and relax the nervous system. It’s also allows us to use for stress relief. Vision is a precious gift and considered as ‘windows to the soul’, one we must cultivate and nurture to safeguard its best results as healthy and sharp.

Windows of Soul reduces eyes problem caused by stress and fatigue of the eye muscles. This system can treat the symptoms such as headaches, burning and itchy eyes, neck, shoulder and back pains and concentration problems, together with tired, strained eyes and bodies. Through a simple technique eyes exercise, we start to achieve a blessing of healthy and harmonious life.


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