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Weight: 10.5 G

Chain: 50cm

Size about:37mm * 26mm

Bat Magic

From a magical standpoint, bats are associated with workings related to death and dying, communication, and the spirit world. Utilize these aspects in your magical practice with some of the following:

  • Are you having trouble seeing a problem – or a reasonable solution – clearly? Call upon bat energy to help gain intuitive strength and clarity.
  • Bats are messengers – if you see one flying around in the night ask it to carry a message for you. Particularly if you’ve lost someone you love, bats can carry messages across the veil.
  • If you happen to find a dead bat on the ground – and this does happen more often than you’d think – allow the wings to dry out completely, and then powder them. Sprinkle the powder around your home to keep malevolent spirits out, as the ancient Egyptians did.
  • Try building a bat house on your property to attract bats, and then call upon them if you need help in improving your communication skills.
  • Bats can always find their way home because of their echolocation skills. Make a bat amulet to wear, so you’ll never get lost or disoriented when you’re in an unfamiliar place. You can also make a bat talisman or charm that will open yourself up to communications from the spirit world.




Additional information

Item Type


Metals Type

Tin Alloy

Necklace Type

Pendant, Necklaces



Chain Type

Link Chain



Pendant Size

37mm * 26mm


All Compatible




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