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The Orb of Life Spiritual Gift: Learn to create etheric orbs of life for healing, abundance, for others, for mother earth & even attunements


Sacred Blood Elixir: Raw Cosmic Power, Catalyst for Transformation, Release hidden power and potential, attract desires


The Sensual Seduction Of Money Reiki Attunement With Goddess Oshun: Prosperity, Increase in income, Sensuality, Seduction, Releasing blockages, Beauty, Sexuality, Power, Joy and more!


Attunement to the Scepter of the Dragon-Wolf King: Magic WAND, Attunement to an ancient and very powerful ritual tool!


Power of the Bavarian Zauberer: Magic WAND, This is a very powerful energy, potential weapon, the great GOOD and the great HARM that can come from having it!


Sensual Seductress Reiki – Have it all: Joy, Happiness, Success and Prosperity Empowerment


Abundance Success Empowerment: Law of Attraction, peed up your transcendence and help you to achieve your goals & follow your dreams


Prosperity Flow Reiki: Harmonizes your energies to the frequency of prosperity.


Naga Kembar: Twin dragon protection from envious, hostile peoples slander brings abundance & protects from malicious spirits


Money Magnetic Energetic Device – Become a Financial Force to be Reckoned with! Bad Financial Conditions, financial blocks, increase sales/business


Celestial Guardians: Energies for success, longevity, energy strengthening, positive qi, great healing and much more!


The Power of 8 Empowerment: You will learn That the number 8 is a part of the greatest occult secret to true power!


Augustus Empowerment: Persuasion, wealth, find new abilities, decisiveness, confidence & loyalty in others to you


Celestial Abundance Encoding: Pleiadian Celestial Beings, Abundance, Love, Health, Happiness


The Primordial Kali Empowerment: Will share the ancient energies of initiation and to all who desire to be initiated into the use of the MAHAKALI Left-Hand Path Mantra and some of the ancient European Goddess energies , which came originally from Mahakali!


Templar Power & Fortune Empowerment: Abundance and a high yield, Protection, Generating a POSITIVE FORCE, Charm for Strength, Power, & Riches!


Kurukulla Dakini of Magic, love & sex, Magnetism, Enlightenment, Liberation , Magic Emchantments, Tarot and Rune Divination, New Projects Wish manifestation


Illumination of Gods Wealth: Abundance, Money Freedom, Financial Security, Real Estate Success, Success in Business Ventures, Feel Blessed!


7 Gods of Luck, digital e-manual: Blessings Luck, Wealth, Success, Longevity, Happiness much more!


Kubera Wealth Drawing Puja Empowerment: Money Drawing, Wealth Attraction, Prosperity Flow, Powerful Mantras to increase WEALTH!


Shree Sampoorna Vyapar Vridhi Mahayantram: For removal of obstacles, attraction of customers and increasing business & Energy combination of 13 most powerful WEALTH and PROSPERITY Yantras!


Sita Mahakala Reiki: For wealth and good FORTUNE, clear negativities and remove obstacles that block the flow of prosperity, increase positive energies in your life!


The Kala Bhairava Empowerment: Guards you against accidents and other unforeseen events, Blesses you with POSITIVE ENERGY and success, Relieves you from debts and improves your financial status and much more!


Purchase Attraction Rays by Mariah Couture: Use this energy to sell anything! Goods, home, car etc!